Usman Riaz’s The Glassworker makes it to Annecy Film Festival

It’s been a while since Usman Riaz and Mano Animation Studios launched The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature picture, but the anticipation is still palpable.
The film was just chosen for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival’s ‘Work in Progress’ category. Fans were in for a treat when film stills from The Glassworker were revealed on social media, giving them even more cause to look forward to the film.

According to the official website, “Tomas and his son Vincent run the finest glass store in the country, and find their lives upended by a coming conflict,” “Tomas and his son Vincent run the finest glass shop in the country, and find their lives upturned by an approaching war.” The entrance of an army colonel and his gifted daughter Alliz throws their world into disarray and puts their father-son bond to the test.”

The animated picture will be directed by Usman Riaz, while legendary Spanish producer Manuel Cristobal will return to toon production with The Glassworker.
Ghibli aficionados will be pleased to learn that the animated feature bears a resemblance to Miyazaki’s anime work. The Glassworker has gotten a lot of buzz over the years, with publications including, Variety, and Vice all praising the impending animated picture. The attention that the film has garnered is significant in and of itself, as it is the first time a Pakistani animated film has been released on the big screen.

With so much buzz surrounding The Glassworker, we’re excited to see what the film has in store. The Annecy Film Festival will be held from June 13 to June 18, 2022.

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