Sajal Aly, Shehzad Roy pair up for ‘Tum Ho To’

When it comes to the few non-controversial male celebrities in Pakistan, Shehzad Roy is at the top of the list. Not only does he not appear to age, but his contributions to children’s education and humanitarian efforts are immeasurable. Roy, on the other hand, has not abandoned his musical career in the least.

This year, in particular, the singer has been very active. He released ‘Maula Vey,’ which featured Syra Yousuf, in January. Sajal Aly appears to be Roy’s next choice for his new single.

Shehzad Roy and Sajal Aly uploaded photos from what appears to be a new song by the former, causing quite a commotion on social media. The photos were labeled with little more than a hashtag that alluded to the project’s name, ‘Tum Ho To.’

Sajal Aly has now used the same hashtag in a photo with Faisal Qureshi. Is it possible that Qureshi directed the new song’s music video? “Only time will tell!” says the narrator.

Another topic that has piqued the interest of fans is, if the cooperation is for a single, what kind of music will Shehzad Roy produce now? Is it going to be a simple romantic track like ‘Maula Vey’ and ‘Wajah’ or will it include a social message like they did with ‘Maula Vey’ and ‘Wajah’?

We can’t wait for additional information to be revealed in order to get answers to these and other questions!

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