Pakistani Instagram accounts you need to follow!

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media sites in the world, particularly in Pakistan, it’s no wonder that everyone thinks they’re a content producer. However, only a small percentage of so-called Pakistani content developers offer content that is genuinely useful. As a result, we’ve narrowed it down to five Pakistani content creators whose Instagram accounts you should definitely check out!

Kainat Ali Khan – Dupattadiaries

Kainat Ali Khan is a half-Pakistani, half-Afghan woman who is full of energy. The young mother, who lives in the United Kingdom, is the co-founder of Mothers of Afghanistan, an NGO dedicated to feeding Afghan families.

But that isn’t the only thing that makes Kainat so intriguing. Her content is varied and she is quite relatable. Her descriptions, like her artistically attractive photographs, make us ponder and contemplate. She also recounts the problems that every desi girl faces and provides tips on how to deal with them.

She also documents both her wonderfully adorable son Musa and her wholesome husband’s antics. She makes us laugh and think about ourselves, and you should follow her for all of these reasons!

Rabya Ahmed of

Are you someone who enjoys shopping yet is constantly broke? With their shopping hauls, are Pakistani content creators instilling unreasonable expectations in you? Do you want to follow someone who is more on the same financial footing as you? Rabya Ahmed is someone you should keep an eye on!

Rabya is the thrifting queen. She has an uncanny ability to discover the most stylish clothing at the most inexpensive costs and pulls it off flawlessly! She thrifts for more than just clothes.

She also looks for furniture and crockery, then works her DIY magic to make everything appear as good as new, if not better! Rabya’s Instagram is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking for home décor inspiration.

Inyourfacebymaleeha – Maleeha Jawaid

Are you thinking of starting a skin-care regimen? Do product names like AHA, BHA, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid sound like they’re from a chemical textbook? Do you suddenly believe you don’t require a skin-care regimen? Before you give up, give following Maleeha Jawaid a shot.

What more could you ask for than a doctor who also happens to be a blogger? Maleeha creates films in which she uses various skin care products and explains what each one accomplishes. She offers advice to everyone from newlyweds to teenagers. In a nutshell, she knows everything there is to know about skin care!

Bilal Hassan’s Mystapaki

Finding female Pakistani content makers is difficult enough; finding male Pakistani content creators is even more difficult! As a result, Bilal Hassan has earned a spot on this list.

Going through Bilal’s Instagram page is like going on a tour of Pakistan. The blogger shares authentic images of Pakistan and its people, including the good, the ugly, the historical, and the fascinating. Along with his photographs, he also gives his ideas on a variety of topics that are sure to pique your interest.

He discusses more than simply travel when it comes to subjects like intersect marriages. Bilal even conducts interviews with inspiring individuals and offers photos of delectable food!

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