How to Check GEPCO (Gujranwala) Electricity Bill Online?

Gujranwala Electric Power Company

In the frenzy of today’s life, things like electricity bills go missing quite too easily. A moment earlier, you’d know that the bill’s lying on the dresser, but the other it would be as if it never existed!

And the process of finding lost bills is not only stressful but also very time-consuming and frustrating. How can you not get aggressive when it’s the deadline day, and you still haven’t found it out?

What’s even more troubling, the traditional, more-commonly known way of getting a duplicate bill is way much more nightmarish. It involves an unnecessary expenditure of financial resources, time, and physical strength (more of which you’ll read in the later section of this post).

The mere idea of going through all that struggle is bound to give you creeps and have you turn your house upside down only to find that one bill. But not anymore. To keep you from all the trouble, we present you with one of the most cherished facilities of today’s digital world, i.e., online bill checking system.

Continue reading to get access to the most smooth and easy-to-use tool of checking bills online. Also, you’ll learn loads of handy stuff about Gujranwala Electric Power Company’s online bills.

Learn To Check Your GEPCO Bill!

You’re probably stuck in a crisis currently, so let us cater to your issue first. The utility bill’s lost. And you’re not willing to make the harsh journey to your service provider.

Now what? Is there a way to get a copy in the comfort of your home?

Yes, of course! Just grab any previous bill of the same utility and lookup for the 14-digit reference number. Fill it in the box below and select the type of utility. (It could be electric, gas, or water.)

And click submit. Once you get the copy, you can get it printed even.

Reference Number:



But if you do not know what a reference number is or which old copy is the right one, we assume you have yet to understand what is GEPCO. Or, more importantly, what are the components of a GEPCO bill. Find that out below!

What is GEPCO?

Let’s begin with the fundamentals so that your understanding remains thorough as we proceed into the details.

GEPCO is an abbreviation for Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited. As the name explains, it is an electricity management company that traces its origins back to the 1960s.


During this period, the governmental authorities of Pakistan brought an organization into existence that will be responsible for all the water and power resources of the country. Also referred to as WAPDA, the Water and Power Development Authority became the second-largest body in Pakistan. It’s key duties revolved around:

  • Management of water resources
  • Power generation
  • Power transmission and distribution

Later, WAPDA created eight sub-divisions, each referred to as Area Electricity Boards. Gujranwala was also present amongst these AEB s. However, in 1988, WAPDA got split.

A new entity, called Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), took charge of thermal generation, transmission, and distribution. As part of it, Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) got created on the 25th of April 1988. It obtained the certificate for business commencement on the 5th of June 1988 and begun its era of power management.

Currently, GEPCO deals with the areas of Gujranwala, Sialkot, Hafizabad, Narowal, Mandi Bahauddin, and Gujrat. To be precise, GEPCO is a power managing company to provide sustainable and ethical customer services.

What is a reference number? 

Well, to put it straight and simple, it is the key to your duplicate copy. It is a 14-digit figure, usually printed on the bill in a separate box along with a heading that clearly states: Reference No.

It would look something like this:

99 99999 9999999 U


99 99999 9999999 R

Note that your reference would not be the same. It will have a variety of numbers. However, the digits will have gaps similarly amongst them. Along with that, there will be a letter U or R, depending on your area.

Letter U depicts Urban, while letter R depicts Rural.

Technically, the reference number is the identification element of every electrical channel. It is present on every bill. Be it, FESCO, HESCO, MEPCO, or any other billing.

Now, you know about the format and appearance of the reference number on the bill. But that’s not how you’ll put it on the online bill checking system. Here, you will have to put the 14-digit number without a gap.

Also, never confuse the reference number with the meter number. The latter is a six-digit unique figure. And every meter connection gets allotted with a different one. You will find it on the bottom side of your online bill.

Other Components of the GEPCO Bill

Acquiring knowledge is always handy to deal with problems efficiently and stress freely. And, apart from the reference number, there are some other important components of the GEPCO bill that you must know. Read more to unravel!


Generally, whenever we receive a bill, our eyes automatically wander to the dates. After all, nobody likes the figures going up once the due date passes.

Similar to other standard electricity bills, the GEPCO Bill features a variety of dates. Here are some to consider while bill checking:

  • Reading Date: It tells the date when the electric readings got recorded.
  • Bill Issue Date: The Bill Issue Date indicates the date when the particular bill got dispatched by the service provider.
  • Due Date: It refers to the date after which extra charges will get imposed on the total bill for delayed payment.
  • Connection Date: It tells the date when the electricity connection first got established at your house, institute, or building.

A Billing History

Perhaps, the most value-providing part of the bill is the Billing History section. The history represents the electric units consumed over a period. Usually, the time gets measured in years. But, it might also measure in months, depending on the connection date and how much time has passed to the electric connection.

You will notice that there are separate units written for each year or month on the GEPCO Bill. The purpose of providing the billing history to keep you aware of the unit consumption and encourage you to monitor it. People with a rising unit consumption can practice energy-saving techniques to reduce it.


GEPCO ensures complete transparency in its unit calculation. You will find the calculation of the charges consuming a major chunk of the bill. The budgeting is simple, easy-to-understand, and with many spaces so that all can understand in the first go.

Once the meter reading gets recorded, the relevant authorities deduct the current units with the previous month’s value to calculate the unit consumption for the current month. Then, electricity charges, taxes, and other costs get summed up for the final value.

Contact Details 

Imagine finding out there was something faulty with your meter or invoice. How will you contact the power management authorities? Yes, you can search for the details on the internet, but what if it is not working? Numerous possibilities can prevent your immediate contact.

In these scenarios, a contact number and department address details present on the bill comes real handy. You can find this information in a prominent box on the bill, usually colored red.

Why Should I Check GEPCO Bill Online?

You will receive a manual copy for the GEPCO Bill at the start of the month, so why bother checking it online? The question was going to pop up in your mind, wasn’t it? Worry no more because we have answers for this too!

Although you might receive a manual GEPCO Bill, there several scenarios where you might require another copy. For example, the bill may get misplaced never to get seen again. Or, it may get damaged in an accident. Perhaps, a child wandered into your office and split juice on it. Well, the situation may get worse.

What if you have paid the bill, but require another copy to submit for other documents? Or, imagine being away from home. How will you receive and clear the bill when you are not present there?

You see, an online bill checking system is of utmost importance and value. It is a virtual and imperishable storage of your bills!

How to pay the GEPCO bill?

Traditionally, you can take your GEPCO bill to the nearest bank along with the due amount and get the bill paid.

The list of banks that provide payment services for the GEPCO bill in Pakistan are:

  • MCB
  • SCB
  • HBL
  • AKBL
  • Al-Falah

However, since you are reading this, you’ve probably already lost your original copy of the GEPCO bill. Again, let us remind you, there’s nothing to worry about. Just fill in the details in the online bill checking system given above and acquire the duplicate of your bill.

Once done, you can get its print and take it to your nearest or preferred bank along with the due sum to get it paid. Or, to make things easier, you can pay it via your mobile network.

The mobile networks through which all of the banks listed above accept payments are:

  • Ufone
  • Warid
  • Telenor

Apart from AKBL, the other banks also accept payment through Mobilink and Zong. If you wish to pay the bill via ISP, then you must have a PTCL connection.

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