How to Check K-Electric (Karachi) Electricity Bill Online?

K-Electric Bill – Get Your Duplicate K-Electric Bill Online

Are you searching for a way to find your K-Electric Bill online? If so, you are right where you need to be. Here, we have made a complete guide about K-Electric, and how can you check your K-Electric bill online?

The days when you would panic that you might have lost your bill or haven’t even received it yet are long gone. Just open our billing website, and with the help of the reference details mentioned on any old invoice, you can recover the latest one in a matter of seconds.

That sounds like a much better option than having to do all the traveling only to find yourself standing in a never-ending queue just to get a duplicate bill. So, let’s take a look at how you can get the K-Electric bill online by using our service to your benefit.

Online Billing Network in Pakistan

The billing system in Pakistan might have failed to catch up with the global trends years ago, but it has elevated its service, all thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. With securer connections, users can now retrieve their billing information in no time without having to go through tedious procedures. Along with that, e-billing is a thing now that means you can bid farewell to all that waiting in those seemingly endless queues.

What is K-Electric?

K-Electric (KE), previously known as Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), is a company dedicated to distributing electric power all over Karachi, Vinder, Bela, and Uthal in Balochistan, and Gharo and Dhabeji in Sindh. Currently, K-Electric is the source of lighting up the residencies of over 2.5 million consumers that are in the city’s range and beyond.

KE is the sole power utility organization in Pakistan that is vertically integrated, which means the company takes up the management of the three key stages, first being Generation, second Transmission, and third Distribution. All this, to ensure safe production and deliverance of energy to consumers.


In 2009, the execution of a game-changing strategy resulted in the company receiving investments that went over 2.1 billion USD. Consequently, 1.057 MW got added to KE’s Generation capacity that resulted in an increase of approximately 29% in Transmission and 60% in Distribution. Along with that, the Transmission and Distribution loss figures experienced a 15.5% reduction.

Over the years, KE has managed to improve its network multiple folds by upgrading the secondary distribution set-up and reducing power thefts. The organization’s transformation is a success story on a global level. KE looks forward to a road of success by serving its consumers with greater zeal and motive through the collective contributions of every associated stakeholder.

Elements of the Online K-Electric Bill

Billing information is prone to errors. That is because of the pretty obvious fact that the system gets managed by humans. The meters are liable to provide faulty readings that lead to imprecise electricity cost evaluation. To prevent getting ripped off for the energy you never utilized, you must know what your utility bills are telling you.

For that, you must be able to understand what the distinct codes, estimations, and charts on your online K-Electric bill are saying.

1- UIDs

The unique identifiers are user details mentioned on the top of every online K-Electric bill. They are paramount for the identification of the electricity consumer. Misidentification is avoided, by adding other numerous unique figures, namely the consumer id, meter number, and reference number. Each number represents specificity for each consumer and plays the role of a complex digitized address.

Meter number: A numerical figure comprising of six digits unique to every meter connection.

Reference or Account number: A cyber-generated code comprising of 14 digits used to identify the electrical consumption by one channel. An additional alphabet is added in the end where “U” stands for urban and “R” for rural. Also, the reference number is required to check your K-Electric bill online. It is a part of utility bills generated by other electricity distributors as well.

2- Crucial dates

Knowing the dates on any invoice is very important since it can help you avoid any overdue fines. These are the essential dates that you must know about on your utility bill.

  • Issue date: This date specifies the day when the service provider released your utility bill.
  • Due date: Represents the deadline until which you must clear your payment to avoid additional overdue charges.
  • Reading date: It shows the time when the meter reader took the readings.
  • Connection date: Represents the date when you got approval for the power connection, and it was set up.
  • Bill month: Specifies the month for a particular invoice.

3- Consumption graph

It is a bar graph that represents the pattern of electricity consumption through your channel for the past 13 months. Each bar represents the electrical power consumed in that month, which enables you to determine when power was either used excessively or inadequately. It can help you develop a strategy to supervise your electricity expenses every month.

4- Billing and payment history

This section provides the details of your billed amounts for the past six months. Along with that it gives the dates when you cleared your payments.

5- KE charges

Here is an aggregate of the total payable charges for electrical consumption. Readings are noted by the meter reader manually. Next, subtraction of the previous month’s reading from the present month gives the exact units that got consumed. Lastly, the addition of government taxes and service charges is done to obtain the final amount.

6- Customer support

Since the system relies mostly on human input, errors might occur. In that case, K-Electric has made sure that its consumers can contact them without any hassle. Every bill comes with details in the top right corner that highlight the various platforms the company has provided its users with, in order to get in touch with them. These platforms include their official email, SMS service, Facebook page, Twitter account, direct phone calls, or you can visit them at the nearest Customer Care Centre.

How to get K-Electric bill online?

There is no rocket science in this process. Follow these simple steps and get your K-Electric bill online within no time.

  • Click here to get K-Electric online duplicate bill.
  • Fill the Account or Reference Number box with the 13-digits Account Number written on any old K-Electric bill at the top right corner.
  • To proceed, click “Submit” and the K-Electric online bill will be displayed.
  • From here, the K-Electric duplicate bill can be easily downloaded.
  • You can either print this bill or go for eBilling.

You can follow this timeless method and retrieve your bill anytime. If the bill hasn’t been issued by the company yet, then the K-Electric online bill of the past month will appear.

Modes of paying K-Electric bill

KE provides various modes of payment other than bank payment. Some of them are mentioned below.


K-Electric has equipped its users with the facility of e-payments that can be done through Mobile and Internet banking. A list of the banks that entertain this option is available on the official website.


Visit any nearest EasyPaisa outlet and pay your K-Electric bill on time. These shops offer their services 24/7, and the fact that they are abundant saves you from standing into long queues.


It is no surprise that with time JazzCash has managed to become one of the most trending modes for online payments. This method is secure and easy. Payments are done through a Mobile Account and JazzCash Agent.

Nadra e-Sahulat

You can find countless franchises of Nadra e-Sahulat in the entire country. Their services are operational 24/7, which means you can clear your payment anytime. This method is secure, and you get a receipt after the process has completed.

Why choose this service?

The topmost reason is that it saves you time. Within a couple of minutes, you can get your K-Electric bill online without having to go through the pain of tedious procedures. Our network is heavily guarded by multiple layers of security making it unbreachable.

Being a cost-cutting platform is another reason to choose this option. You can easily download your K-Electric bill without having to pay for a trip to your service provider. Save those extra pennies for later.

Our service is operational 24/7, which means you don’t have to worry about the time. You can retrieve your duplicate bill during any hour of the day or night. Don’t forget that you can access our platform anytime, irrespective of your current location. All you need is a stable WiFi connection and your account or reference number.


Why put yourself through the trouble of lengthy, tiresome procedures when you can easily download your duplicate K-Electric bill online effortlessly in no time. Say goodbye to the conventional methods and use the steps mentioned in this guide to retrieve and pay your bill on time. The process is very easy, and anyone can get their billing information instantly.

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