How to Check IESCO (Islamabad) Electricity Bill Online?

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For over decades people have been bound to pay their bills through conventional methods, that is by going to the offices and waiting in queues worth many precious hours of their lives. If you’re a busy person on a tight schedule every day, billing is only just another added hassle to your day to day life.

In this era of advancement people usually look for quicker and more convenient methods of getting things done rather than wasting time on unnecessary stresses. IESCO online billing facility makes your life easier by letting you keep a check on the status of your utility bills online by just a few clicks.

This online bill paying facility enables you to stay updated on the history of your bills, your last payment, and it allows you to make a duplicate of it so you can get it downloaded and printed for personal use or for the times when you lose your bills and have to go through all the trouble to get it back. All you really need to do is enter your reference number from the previous bill copy that you received and you’re done.

What is IESCO?

IESCO or Islamabad electric supply company is a department of WAPDA responsible for the supply of electricity in the capital city of Islamabad and surrounding areas. These areas include Rawalpindi, Attock district, Jhelum and Chakwal.


This department supplies electric energy to an estimate of 25 million people of Punjab and deals with the issues related to electricity. The department caters all these people with customer care facility and fixes any issues that might arise. IESCO is working towards supplying electricity to every industry and household in the assigned cities to help people carry out their work and daily chores effectively.

Components of IESCO online bill

Many people struggle with understanding their utility bills and calculating their personal consumption. While a lot of people are conscious about re-checking every little detail, most people simply don’t bother with it and pay whatever amount their asked to pay.

These people often end up getting robbed by paying extra money for energy that they never even consumed. To avoid situations like these you should always learn how to check bills and errors. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Every bill has its own new and unique set of identifier numbers, these numbers include the reference number, meter number and consumer ID. It is only natural that a lot of people share the same name and other details like that so to avoid confusion, identifier numbers are always different for every household, shop, or industry.

Essential Dates:

These are all the important dates that you should quick check before paying your bills. They include connection date, bill month, reading date, issue date and due date. Make sure to always be aware of the due date because once you cross that date, you’re bound to pay the added penalty of late payment and no one obviously wants that. So make sure to check all your dates and bill month beforehand.

Billing History:

In your bill there is a section which shows your billing history for the past few months. It tells you how many units of energy you have consumed each month and the amount that you payed for it. Now since most of our bills are generated manually, there is a high chance of human error.

This might affect your billing history and a lot of times the bill also indicates wrong billing history, it might show you that your previous bill isn’t paid when you actually did pay it.

Billing history is also very helpful at times as it tells shows you all your dues and extra charges from previous months. If there are any unclear dues, you’ll find out in your billing history and those dues will be added to your latest bill so you can pay them all together.

Billing Calculation:

The total sum of your entire electricity bill is calculated in this section. This part of your bill shows you the total units you’ve consumed and its cost. You can also check any additional charges for services or rents plus the surcharge. Here you can also check all the government charges that have been applied to your bill including GST and other various taxes. The end cost of your bill is hence inclusive of all the above mentioned charges and taxes.

Complaint and Contact Information:

Since most of these electricity bills are generated manually, there are a lot of errors that come out as a result. It is hard to check each and every bill for errors therefore; IESCO has a complaint and contact section on their bills. For people who have any queries regarding their bills and its calculations, the contact information given plays a vital role in providing better and customer friendly service.

How to Check IESCO Bill Online?

The most efficient method of billing is without a doubt the online payment method. You can either follow the simple steps of online payment method or you can get a duplicate copy of your bill online, print it and pay it through traditional means.

How to Pay Bills in Pakistan?

There are multiple ways in which you can pay your bills in Pakistan. There’s obviously the first and most popular method which is by going to the offices and waiting in lines and draining out your energy. However, if you want things done easily without any hassle then download these apps on your phone and make your life easier.

Jazz cash

Simply download the jazzcash app and manage all your bills and transactions through it. All you need to do is make an account and then visit the nearest shop that offers these services and pay your bills.


Easypaisa is also very similar to the jazzcash app. All you need to do is make an account from your phone number and CNIC number and you can avail as many facilities as you can imagine. This app not only helps you pay your bills easily but it’s also very useful in transferring money and getting easy daily transactions done without any hassle.

Online Banking and paying bills through your Phones

Online banking in Pakistan has bloomed in the past few years. With the growing population and households, everyone dreads going to the offices to pay their bills. Online banking has made it so much more simple and fast for everyone. All you need to do is sing-in to the online banking payment method from your desired bank and you’re done. Now you can pay your bills ever so efficiently.

Final Words

Even if you have lost your bill or have any issues regarding it, no need to stress out anymore since now you have the IESCO services to cater you. If you want your duplicate bill for any reason, it’s just a few taps away now. All you need to do is enter you reference number and get your bill, next you will only have to download it and get it printed for further use.

Moreover, the IESCO facility will help you keep a track on your entire billing history and data. So forget getting robbed because e-billing now has your back.

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