How to Check SEPCO (Sukkur) Electricity Bill Online?

Duplicate SEPCO bill online:

Who would want to choose to go all the way to the head offices to recover lost bills when you can easily do it with just one tap? Yes, bill checking service is now available online. Technology is spreading its wings rapidly enough to amaze a person. And it’s high time we introduce online systems to get errands, which require a lot of time, done in a short time.

You won’t have to trouble yourself by going out in the scorching heat, exasperating traffic to get a duplicate bill. Your time is high-priced so you might as well start looking for methods that might hasten in completing long and tedious tasks like this.

A bill is just a sheet of paper and it is likely to get lost if not kept in a proper folder. We can all agree to the fact that it’s hard to keep track of mounds of paper, one way or another they find their way to be lost and gone. This time you lose your bill copy, you are bound to remain calm as our website is here to assist you by showing it on your screen within a matter of seconds. Just put in your reference number, and your duplicate bill will appear on your screen ready to be printed.

Our initiative:

We wanted to step up the bill checking game by designing a website that would enable one to check bills just by sitting at home with a few taps on phone. All you would require is a device to check your bill on and a decent internet connection.

The world is moving forth and, technological development is what’s making it move faster. There are tons of tasks that take an unfair amount of time due to the fact humans cannot run at the speed of machines neither can they be as accurate as of the machines. Therefore, creating a way of checking the bill from your home is a time-saving task as compared to going all the way to the offices of the company.

The process of checking your bill online is remarkably convenient. Below we will be explaining what different parts of your bill stand for and how to check your bill online.

What is SEPCO?

SEPCO is the abbreviated form of Sukkur Electric Power Company. This company is a branch of PEPCO, which contributes a lot in providing and supervising the quality of electricity that is being provided all over Pakistan. The SEPCO station provides electricity to a particular number of areas.


The areas that are now provided with electricity by SEPCO were formerly under the supervision of HESCO. The areas the SEPCO is providing electricity to are as follows:

  • DADU

SEPCO is a reliable source of power as it is living up to its promise of uninterrupted and smooth provision of electricity for several years now.

Sections of your bill:

Completely comprehending the section of your bills is something that everyone thinks is worthless but having a complete understanding of those numbers and alphabets makes you more aware of what problems you might face. This way it will become easy for you to detect any mistake or unfair charges in your bill. Just reading the total amount you are charged for is an unwise thing to do if you are trying to save money. Keeping an eye out for mistakes or miscalculation is better than being charged extra because of your ignorance.

Every section of the bill serves a different purpose and is equally important. Let us discuss what part of the bill contains what information below:


This part of the bill contains your meter number, reference number, feeder’s name, and your address where the bill is posted every month. All of these elements play a significant role in the issuance and delivery of the bill.

The reference number is a string of 14 digits that are assigned to all houses uniquely. The reference number of every other house is different from one another which helps in meter readings and delivering the bill without getting it misplaced.

The meter number carries six digits and just as the reference number, the meter number assigned to every house is different and unique.

Specification of months:

The month we get charged for lies in this section of the bill. This section clearly states the month you are being charged for, the last date for paying your bill, the total amount, and the amount you will be charged if you pay late.

This is the part where you can see the month you are getting charged for.

History of bills and payments:

This section allows you to understand how many units have been used over the months graphically. This is the easiest part of the bill to comprehend as the graph makes it easier for the reader to get a hold of it. This part also contains the units you consumed over the months with the amount you paid.

Specification of other charges:

The total amount that is printed on the top of the bill is not just the amount you are being charged for consuming units, several other charges are added before issuing the bill finally. A whole section is dedicated to state the charges you are being charged including the consumption of units. The additional charges include the GST tax and electricity fees etc. they also mention the current rate of per unit.

All of these charges are listed on the bill to avoid any confusion of overcharging or getting the calculations all messed up. This section helps in giving you a definite idea of all the additional charges and current unit rate.

Helpline and Contact:

Got confusion regarding your bill? Worry not, as the helpline agents are present at all times to help you figure out a solution or get the problem noted to get it fixed. The helpline agents are quite responsive no matter what time you call them. You can find their contact number or email address present at the bottom of your bill copy. If they are unresponsive on helpline, try emailing them your problem.

How to check your bill online:

There are a few steps you might want to keep in mind to get your bill on your screen through the internet. There is no rocket science behind it, it is easy and very convenient. All you will need is a copy of any old bill. The steps are as follows:


  • First of all, you need a proper internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Type our website’s name in the search bar. Once you get to our website, you would see a dialog box asking for a reference number. As discussed above reference number is a 14 digit unique number on your bill. Note that number and submit it.
  • Once you submit it, your duplicate copy of the bill will appear on your screen which can then be printed.
  • In case you try checking your bill before it is even issued, your previous month’s bill will appear instead of the current one. Try checking a day or two later to get your current bill. This bill can then be paid via a bank or retail shop.

The few other ways of getting your bill paid are:

  1. Jazzcash

  2. Easypaisa

  3. Local banks

  4. Onelink

  5. Nadra offices

Advantages of online bill checking system:

Requires less energy:

Checking bills online has helped immensely in avoiding the waste of fuel and one’s energy. Driving or walking to the SEPCO office to recover your bill is now in the past. Technological development never fails to impress. Technological development keeps bringing comforts in our life one way or another. Getting your bill on your screen is a big relief for people who have to run their errands themselves and fail to make time for other important things in their life.

Accessible globally:

The main feature that makes our website an even more convenient way of checking bills is that it can be accessed from any province or country. All you would need is the precise reference number saved in your phone and an internet connection. Our website is accessible to people in other provinces or countries.

Time saving:

In this era, you are considered the richest person if you have a lot of time while you are also making a living in short, time is a luxury, Unfortunately, most of us lack this kind of luxury. But our website will discard one of the time-consuming tasks off your list that is the recovery of your lost bill. Our website is time friendly by allowing you to check your bill by sitting at home.

It is high time that we proceed towards getting our work done online. This will solve the problem of spending too much fuel on insignificant tasks. An online bill checking system will prevent you from facing disastrous traffic and extreme weather. It’s time we finally start making our life easier through online management systems.

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