How to Check QESCO (Quetta) Electricity Bill Online?


If you happen to observe today’s productive and increasingly developing world, you’d notice more or less all emerging and opulent firms have become technology dependant. Technological equipment is becoming a dire need of this generation that we can’t help but agree that prosperity and success are quite hard without these tools.

So here’s a piece of good news to all those people who go out of their houses to recover their lost bills. We have initiated the online bill checking management system. And there you are free from the hustle-bustle of going through the long queues of head offices. You can verify your bill online just by following few steps are you’ll have the softcopy of your bill on your screen.

Initiation of an online bill management system has not only helped people from going through the fuss of crowded dimensions but is also a great relief for the worker who works in the head offices and does the laborious work of compiling the prior bills to maintain the records. This has got all sorted through the online billing system. All you need to have is a reference number on your bill, through which you would succeed in accessing your data.

Our services:

Now the main agenda behind the establishment of this online billing website is to make things work smart. As we all are known to the fact that keeping the piles of the old bill is such a great mess although, we know we are never going to need them again, nevertheless to save yourself from becoming the victim of departmental blunders, they play a vital role. Now, this, too, is managed through the online billing verification. Even if you don’t have the bill any more you should have the essential element that is the reference number.

The online billing system not only introduced the extraction of duplicate bills but also you can keep an eye on the forthcoming bills. Yes, the technology works wonder when it comes to smart working, and now we have become much more technology dependant.

What is QESCO?

QESCO is the acronym for the Quetta Electricity Supply Company. This company was inaugurated on 13th May 1998 as a public limited firm under the companies’ injunction. This organization is working day and night to eliminate the power interruption and they have quite succeeded in their motive.


QESCO is accountable to supply the electricity to the 8 districts of Balochistan. The province of Balochistan covers about 43% of Pakistan’s area but the consumers are quite low in this province.

Conception of bills:

When you get your hand on your bill you utterly neglect the main section which comprises of the main elements, to which great attention must be paid. Our bill layout consists of many sections that give you the details regarding bills. For instance, the layout specifies the date of issuance, last date of payment, charges after the due date, owner’s name, meter number, and all other are prescribed in a different section that a consumer must-read. Having a clear understanding of the bill saves you from being the pawn of departmental mistakes. Every section is of great virtue. let’s discuss the essential section a bill contains.


This part contains the uniquely arranged pattern of numbers and alphabets which is known as identifiers that hold the consumer’s name, address, and most importantly the reference number of the bill. These identifiers are uniquely designed for every consumer to steer clear of any kind of perplexity or doubt.

This section also contains the meter number comprising of six-digits. The meter number is also different from every house. In addition to that, if you desire to go through your bill online, the only key to access your bill is the reference number on your prior bills.

Months’ description:

Now this section is where you can see the month of which the bill is delivered to you. This section will hold the complete details regarding the issuance date, due date, and the penalty charges after the due date, and more. Every section plays a significant role in its area.

History of bill and payment:

This section indicates every month’s usage with the help of graphical representation. This kind of representation shows how much energy is consumed in a particular month. This can be quite helpful as it can help people understand the consumption of energy and so that people can use power supply very wisely and systematically.

Specification of other charges:

The amount which we receive from the Electricity bill is not only our power-consuming prices. You are being charged for the different services they are providing you. So this section comes in very handy when you want to see the list of the entire extra charges which are included in your bill. For instance, you have to pay government taxes that are currently stated in your electricity bill, then comes the company services charges, then mobile service charges if you have activated this service of receiving bills on your mobile. These different charges are specified in this section to clear the consumer’s doubt.

Helpline and contact details:

This section demonstrates its virtue in case of any blunder made by the administration. If you find something odd in your regular monthly bill, have any other query regarding your payments or bills you can contact them through their helpline number. It is a rare case that you may face some error but if so you do sense something strange, the organization’s helpline is always there to help you.

How to approach your bill online:

Now comes the part where all your laborious works are all sorted. Yes, The accession of your utility bill has become a piece of a cake. Forget all the long queues and going through the fuss of head offices. Our website has made things so serene and efficient that by only following few steps you’ll have your bill on your screen.


Following are the steps to access your bill online:

  • Just go on to our website. Once you’ve opened our website you’ll see a box right in front of you requiring a reference number. The same number which you can have from your prior bills.
  • Click on the reference box and enter the 14 digit number to the textbox. As soon as you enter the reference number, immediately for the bill will be displayed on your screen. You can get it hard copied by printing it as it’s easily printable.
  • If you are trying to get your hands on a subsequent bill and unfortunately the bill doesn’t display on your screen after the entrance of reference number so don’t get panicked. There is a slight possibility that the organization might have got delayed in uploading the bill on its portal.

These days you’ve got several ways of payment choice is yours. The following are the most commonly used payment methods.

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy paisa
  • Online bank transfer

Pros of checking your QESCO bill online:

Burden free and convenient:

Bill payments can become a very repulsive task sometimes. But it’s a non-negotiable task which has to be performed. If we relive the era for just a few moments, where people used to go through so much effort just to get a duplicate of your bill or for the payment, the struggle can be sensed. Luckily, Our website performs the task of retrieving bills online so efficiently that you won’t have to step out of your comfort zone. 90% of people would choose to operate online instead of indulging themselves in a crowded area.

Easily accessible:

Now to access your bill online there are two prerequisites to be followed. One is to have a device through which you can go to our website. Second is the reference number, the key to your bill. With these two things, you can have your bills from any part of the country.

An online billing system not only does provide easy access but also works as a backup source for your electricity bills. If so you have mislaid your bill the system will have the previous backup of your bills ready and you can retrieve it from the website.

Saves money:

Retrieving your bill online not only saves your precious time saves a lot of money. It is not necessary that everyone must be having a head office close to home and would trudge towards it. Some come from far away after traveling so long spending so much on transportation. So this indicates that this kind of bill payments is heavy on the pocket for some people. Our website has introduced you to the service of online payment. Now people can take this benefit and can save their money fuel and energy too.

It’s time now that we work smart rather than indulging ourselves in much laborious work. Today’s vast and developing Technology has introduced us with so many new machines which can make our lives peaceful. Now is the time that we must grab the benefit and make our lives comfortable.

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