How to Check PESCO (Peshawar) Electricity Bill Online?

PESCO – Online Billing System

Technology is advancing at an alarmingly rapid rate. Paying your utility bills online is a trend that was introduced in Pakistan not a very long time ago, but it sure was quick to attract a great amount of traffic towards it.

Paying utility bills online has many benefits, in other words, the advantages of paying your bills online clearly outnumber its cons, and therefore, the majority of the people prefer to check and pay their bills online – which is a completely safe, hassle-free, and a quicker, time-saving option.

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company, PESCO, has also introduced this feature of checking bills online to facilitate its users.

To make things even easier for you, you can visit our website, which will enable you to display your bill online using one simple step! Yes, *website name* makes things that much simpler and easier for its users!

The citizens of Peshawar will now be able to easily pay their electricity bills online from the comforts of their homes through their mobile phones or computers.  It would hardly take 5-10 minutes of your time, and you can easily save yourself from the hurdles of going to a bank, waiting for your turn, and then paying your bill. With the Online Bill Paying System, your PESCO Electricity Bill would be paid within the deadline in a matter of a few minutes.

Moreover, you would be paying your bills from the confines of your homes, or offices – in a safe environment!

To learn more about this unique, life-changing feature, read through the walkthrough and start paying your PESCO Electricity Bill online from now onwards!

PESCO – Peshawar Electric Supply Company

Situated in the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – Peshawar, the Peshawar Electric Supply Company, PESCO, is currently being run by Engr. Muhammad Jabbar Khan, who is the CEO of the said organization.


He is a determined man who is working with full dedication to the best interest of both his employees and the general public, his consumers.

His efforts for the Electricity Supply sector are praiseworthy, and we can see the PESCO undergoing productive and bigger changes for a better future.

Facilitative Features of PESCO For Its Consumers

Highlighted below are some great features that PESCO has provided for its consumers to make their lives easier.

Checking Your Electricity Bill Online

Many times, electricity bills come later than their expected date or do not come at all because of any unexpected situation that might arise.

Sometimes, you are out of station too and care thus unable to receive your bill in your hands.

To escape surcharge fees implemented on the next month’s bill, and to let go of the issues of not receiving your electricity bill on time, you have to pay it on time and avoid any unfavorable situation that might arise because of not being able to do so.

In any of such despairing circumstances, PESCO has enabled its users to view their electricity bills online.

How To View The PESCO Electricity Bill Online?

Viewing your bill online is quite easy – you just need to follow a couple of steps to view your Electricity Bill online.


  1. Visit the PESCO Official website
  2. In the small box displayed on your screen, enter your Reference Number, which is 14-digits long.

[Note: The Reference Number is a number that is exclusively unique for each consumer. This number is prominently mentioned on your electricity bill, and can be copied from there.]

  1. After entering this number, you click on the “Submit” option and wait till the website loads your desired bill.

This feature can be used for displaying both General and Industrial Electricity Bills online.

The Electricity bill displayed online would be the same as the hard copy bill that you usually receive at your home address.
You can also easily download or print the displayed bill too, as per your ease and requirements.

IMPORTANT:  One important thing to be kept in mind is that you must enter your Reference Number correctly.

Many consumers complain about not being able to view their bills, but it is usually a mistake at their end that they have either mixed up the Reference Number or are entering it incorrectly.

Moreover, PESCO has also updated and revised the Reference Numbers of some consumers. In that case, you must enter the Reference Number that is mentioned on your most recent Electricity Bill, as that would be the correct one.

The online display of the PESCO Electricity Bill is a time-saving and modern feature, and using it to view your bills online is the next step towards a better, brighter, and technology-oriented Pakistan!

The Pros Of Checking Your Bill Online:

  • Bill can be viewed from your homes and offices, even if you have misplaced it.
  • In times when social distancing and physical contact must be minimized, this online bill checking system provides a favorable edge for checking and paying your bills online.
  • A plus-point for you if you are an environment loving person; the lesser the paper you use – the more you are contributing to society.
  • No matter in which corner of Pakistan, or abroad you are – you can easily view your bill online.

Requesting A Duplicate Bill

In case of any unforeseen situation, where you have lost your bill or cannot find it, and the deadline is upon your heads, there is no need to worry at all.
*Website Name* also allows you to print out a duplicate bill that could then be used to pay your bill, either online or by hand, whatever suits you best.

Gone by are the days where to get yourself a new duplicate bill issued, you had to write an application, then go to PESCO’s office, and get issued with a duplicate bill.

Now, if such a situation arises, you will easily go to our website, enter your Reference Number, and get a Duplicate Bill.

The above-mentioned procedure (the one for displaying your online bill) would be followed for accessing your Duplicate Bill.

Online Bill Payment Services

For ensuring a safe and reliable method of paying bills from the comforts of one’s home or work environment, the PESCO has introduced an online billing system that enables its users to pay bills online through their mobile phones or computers.

PESCO provides a wide range of options that could be used to pay their Electricity bills via the Mobile Banking option.

This facility even allows consumers to pay bills from abroad, as the mobile banking option is easily accessible outside Pakistan too.

These options include:

  • Easy Paisa

  • E-Banking Feature (available across all commercial banks like HBL, BOK, etc.)

  • Jazz Cash, UPaisa, etc.


This way you would be easily paying your bills online through the banks where you have your accounts in.

The Benefits of Paying Your Bill Online:

  • There is no need of going to the banks and standing and waiting for your turn that often takes hours to come at times.
  • Paying through your homes is safe – you will be safe from all misfortunate incidents and thefts that might otherwise take place when you go to pay your bill physically.
  • Through banks, emails notify you on time about when your bill has arrived for the month.

Other Available Options

PESCO has a user-friendly platform which although online, allows consumers to easily cater and communicate their issues with the relevant department.

PESCO allows its users to freely explore their website, and visit the following links for registering their complaints/issues:

  • New Bill Registration/New Connection: In case of a new house, or building, you can contact the relevant department either by phone, an email, or in person, and get your house registered for a new connection.
  • Load-Shedding Timings: Illustrated in a tabular form on their website is a chart that displays the allotted load shedding timings across Peshawar. This allows you to make important commitments before your load shedding timing, while also avoiding doing important work before those timings. 
  • Complaint Cell Details: In case of issues like reporting a theft, or general complaints like meter-reading issues, and other electricity-related problems, PESCO website has all the relevant emails and contact numbers that will allow you to contact the relevant people in the responsible department.


As it is evident from above, the online system of billing, be it for checking your electricity bill online, or for requesting a duplicate bill, is here to save the day. The online portals have made lives significantly easier and better, and are helping in greatly bridging the gaps between the consumers and the PESCO department.

Now, there is no need to wear yourself down to get the attention of the required personnel, using the online portals, you can convey your suggestions, requests, and complaints effectively to the required people. Payment of one’s bill is made so easy and safe – that there is no question involved for not trying out this brilliant feature.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using the online portal right away, and make life easier and simpler for yourself!

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