How to Check MEPCO (Multan) Electricity Bill Online?

Get Duplicate Mepco Bill Online:

We are living in an age where almost everything is just one click away. Clearing bills and printing lost bills is now one of them. If we look back to the time when the internet and cellphones were not common then we will see how people dreaded going out in the harsh weather to pay and get their duplicate bills.

Thanks to technology, we now have a system that can present our desired record, no matter how old, in just one click thus, saving us from going through a bunch of files in order to acquire it. The same goes for electricity bills, hard copies of bills can be missed within seconds without anyone taking notice. Losing them is not an ideal thing to do as they may come in use if any intricate situation happens with your previous payments.

Below we are going to discuss how our website will allow you to check your bill online conveniently without any charges.

Our Service:

We are now way past the trouble of having to go through traffic or gruesome walks to just obtain a copy of our electricity bill. Pakistan is now prospering and we are becoming more aware of the latest technology and implementing them at different platforms to create convenient ways for people to get their work done. Apropos of that, we have developed a website just to get your bill on your screens without charging any money.

The service we are offering will allow you to check your bill by inputting the details, available in your previous bills. This is where the hard copies of the previous bills come into performance. They may seem worthless once you have paid the bill but they carry certain significance when a bill is lost or when a problem occurs related to that particular bill.

The online billing system in Pakistan cannot be made any easier. All you have to do is get your old bill and copy the reference number on our website— Quick and easy. This way you can get your current or previous duplicate bills in soft copy which can then be printed and used according to need.

What Is Mepco?

MEPCO is an abbreviated form of Multan Electric Power Company, which is a branch of PEPCO. This power plant helps in providing electricity to about 13 districts of Punjab without any interruption or disturbance that would disrupt the flow of smoothly flowing electricity. This company is notable for its ability to generate electricity through the water— Hydro-electricity.


Found in 1998, this company has flourished and distributed electricity to the inhabitants of the districts of South Punjab through the past years without any complaint or major technical difficulty.

It is one of the largest power distribution companies in Pakistan, which distributes power in about three provinces. The names of the 13 districts to which this company has been supplying electricity 21 years are:

  • Multan
  • Muzzafargarh
  • Layyah
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Rajanpur
  • Lodhran
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Khanewal
  • Sahiwal
  • Pakpattan
  • Vehari
  • Bahawalnagar

Sections Of Your Bill:


An identifier is a unique arrangement of numbers and alphabets for each consumer, which also holds the address, name, and reference number of a particular consumer. This section helps in making every consumer’s bill unique so that the bill is delivered to their doorstep without any complications regarding readings of the bills or bills being misplaced or swapped.

This section includes a meter number which is accustomed to six digits; the meter number of every house is different and unique. Furthermore, the reference number is required if you want to access your current bill at home without having to endure the lengthy traffic or the harsh weather.

Specification Of Months:

This is the most important part of the bill as it specifies the month you are being charged for. This section contains the dates for the day reading has been taken, the bill is issued, the due date of the bill, and the month you are being charged for. This is a vital part of the bill.

Previous Bills And Their Months:

This section shows the bills of the past months with the help of a graph. Almost whole years’ bills are plotted on the graph showing when the electricity is used the most and when it used the least. This helps in getting an idea of how to reduce the use of electricity efficiently.

Specification Of Other Charges:

There is a section in your bill where you might see a lot of numbers and columns. Those are the taxes, fees, and unit counts of your bill. This is where you can look to know what is the ongoing per unit rate of electricity and how much tax has been charged. The unit reader has to perform a simple calculation by subtracting the present units from previous months’. The total amount is then listed in the end to avoid any confusion.

It is important that you go through this section without any distraction to rule out any error or extra charges which are detected. The whole calculation is done on the bill to make their total bill clear.

Helpline and contact details:

This section comes in beneficial when something goes wrong in the bill, for instance, receiving the bill the same as the last months’ or detecting a mistake in the calculation or unit measurement. The helpline agents are available at all times to go through your problem and provide a solution for it. This section usually contains the email address and a number to the call center of MEPCO.

Steps To Check Your Bill Online:

Accessing your bill online couldn’t have been made more comfortable, following are the steps to getting your duplicate bill:

  • All you have to is open our website. Once you are on our website page you would see a box that requires a reference number to show the bill.
  • Click on the box and enter your reference number which contains about 14 digits by referring to your previous bills. It would be even more convenient if you save your reference number in a cell phone or a dairy thus, saving the trouble of having to go through papers.
  • Once you have submitted your reference number, your bill will appear on your screen, which is easily printable. These bills can be printed and used to pay your bill at a retail shop or through online bank transfer.
  • If you are accessing your bill before it has even been issued then the website will lead you to the bill of the previous month. So don’t panic and call the helpline if you see the same bill as the previous month it might just be that the company is a little behind schedule.

There are several ways your bill can be paid some of them are as follows:

  • JazzCash
  • Easy paisa
  • Onelink
  • Local banks
  • Nadra offices

Benefits of online bill checking system:

Less laborious and convenient:

Going to a bank, Nadra’s point, or the MEPCO office to pay bills is a time-consuming task in the era where it is already a challenge to take some time off from work and chores. 90% of the people would rather stay home and pay the bill than go out during their spare time to do the task. Fortunately, our website is your source for paying bills online without any kind of fuss or lengthy processes. The online process is less time consuming as compared to the one where you have to leave the house to get your bill paid.

Easily accessible:

Another benefit of retrieving your bill online using our website is that it can be accessed from any city or even country. All you require to check your bill is your reference number and a device through which you could access our website. Even if you lose your bill, it won’t be a problem because we are keeping it safe on our website.

Saves money:

By obtaining your bill online, you will be saving a lot more than just time. If we go back to the time when the online checking system was not introduced, people who lived far away had to go through a long-distance and spend a lot of fuel to just get a duplicate bill. But now by accessing online and paying through different methods from home, people can save their fuel, energy, and time.

The online billing system in Pakistan has come a long way. It has improved and has served a great deal to its users. By visiting our website you will be saving time and money. If you have any further questions regarding your bill, feel free to reach out to their helpline.

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