How to Check TESCO (Tribal Area) Electricity Bill Online?

Duplicate Tesco Bill Online:

We are here to announce a piece of news that might make you feel on cloud nine. We all are quite confident about the fact that losing bills is the worst mistake one could ever make. So, considering how people dread going all the way to the head offices to get duplicate bills, we have introduces an online bill checking system.

Up till now, society has prospered enough that they can now make their machines imitate the actions of human beings. Pakistan is also, now, slowly making its way up like other developed countries by placing machines that can boost the speed of work and produce more efficient results. The initiation of an online bill checking system can be considered a move towards development, which will spare us the outrageous task of leaving our houses to grab our duplicate bill.


Continue reading if you want to figure out how you can get your bill on your screen within seconds.

Our service:

The entire gist of establishing this website is to make the process of getting duplicate bills more handy. This generation does not relish the idea of standing in long lines to retrieve lost bills. The new age has made us dependent on technology which contributes a lot in saving our valuable time. Time is one of the things that we run short of often due to the busy routines and, overload of work. It can be saved if you start taking the benefit of our provided service.

Now, recovering your recent bill is just as straightforward as ordering food online. All those old heaps of bills will come useful here as they include information—that we assume are insignificant— that will help in getting your duplicate bill online. Keeping an old bill or two is necessary if you don’t want any mess in your payment or in case your bills get mixed up with someone else although, it’s nearly rare for such thing to happen, one should take all precautionary means to stay on the safe side.

What Is Tesco?

The tribal areas electric supply company (TESCO) is a company that is accountable for power distribution in the tribal areas of Pakistan. It is a branch of PEPCO that is thriving by supplying electricity without any interruption or system failure that would lead to a power cut. Initiated in August 2004, this company kept flourishing by living up to its agreement of providing uninterrupted electricity to its consumers.

The headquarters is situated in Shami road, Peshawar while all the field formations are located in the tribal districts. Their main purpose is to provide power to all tribal districts and FRS. They make sure that their job is done so efficiently that no complaints could come their way.

Understanding your bill:

Getting into trouble is far easier if you don’t have a complete comprehension of the subject. This way the other person can take advantage of your ignorance and scam you without even letting you notice. All the numbers and strings of letters might create an illusion that your copy of the bill is beyond your intelligence but that is not the case. Once you give it a read, it is just as easy as any other piece of writing.

The information your hardcopy of the bill contains holds quite an importance when it comes to checking your bill online. Following we will explain what information different sections of your bill contain:


This segment of the bill contains the significant elements of the bill that are required if you want to check your bill online. It is a set of numbers and letters that make your copy of the bill unique from the other bills. The reference number is the most essential part of the bill which is mentioned in this segment of the bill. Furthermore, this section accommodates your address where the bill is to be delivered, meter number, and the name of the feeder. The meter number is also assigned to every house uniquely to avoid confusion in taking readings.

History Of Bills:

Keeping a track of your billing history is a dreadful task. So the bills now come with a graphical representation of the history of bills so that you can keep an eye on which month the electricity is consumed the lowest or highest. This segment gives a clear review of your previous bills by mentioning dates and months with the amount that you were charged with.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on this section now and then to detect if you are being overcharged or if there is a glitch in the system that has led to miscalculation. There is nothing about this section that would need an elaborate explanation, with just one look at it you will understand what the graph means.

Billing Details:

This fragment of the bill lets you know about the specific month you are being charged for. This section contains the following details:

  • The reading date: The reading date is the day when the technician reads the meter so that he can perform the calculation which will give the exact amount you would be charged.
  • The month: this part of the bill contains the month you are being charged for.
  • The issue date: this part contains the date on which a specific bill is issued, it takes some time for the meter reader to submit readings, and then the bill is issued by the workers.
  • Last date for payment: this informs about the date after which you would be charged with a fine for paying the bill late. It is important that you clear the bill before the due date as paying late might increase the bill.

List of other charges:

When we receive our copy of the bill, it does not just contain the amount you should be charged for using electricity but several other amounts are added to it which are specified in the bill. This can contain taxes, fees, and also the total unit count of the current month. It is recommended to go through this section thoroughly to pick up anything you might think is wrongly added to overcharge you.

Helpline and contact:

Facing an issue with the bill? The helpline agents of TESCO have got you covered. They are present to assist you at any time of the day. Therefore, any issue detected in the bill or swapping of bills can be taken care of if you ask for help by contacting them. Their number will easily available in your bill along with their email address. Email address is also an effective method of complaining if the call fails.

Online checking method:

Now, to bring your current bill to your screen there are a few simple steps you have to take to complete the process. The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, open our website by typing our name in the browser. Once you are directed to our website, you would see a dialog box waiting for you to input your reference number. The reference number is easily seen at the top of the bill.
  • After entering your reference number— a 14 digits number— click on enter or submit. After a second or two, your bill will appear on your screen which can then be printed.
  • It is recommended to save your reference number on your mobile phone so that it never gets lost.

This bill can then be paid through different money transfer methods. Some of them are listed below:

  • JazzCash
  • Easy paisa
  • Onelink
  • Local banks
  • Nadra offices

If you don’t want to leave your house, pay through the first three options as they allow you to pay the bills without having to go out.

Advantages Of Checking Bill Online:

Trouble-Free And Convenient:

Checking and printing bills by using our online service can give you the extra time you would have wasted by going down to the head office. You would escape the heat or cold by just a few clicks on your phone and retrieve it online. Payment has also become convenient now.

Accessible all over the world:

This service not only allows you to save time but you can also check your bill in any province or even country. All you have to do is follow the steps given above and submit the reference number to get your bill online in any country.

Saves money:

The amount you will need if you go to the head office to retrieve your bill is much higher than the amount you will spend by sitting home and checking the bill. You will not have to spend your fuel and energy as long as our website is available for your service.

Creating convenient ways to ease all the time-consuming tasks has become necessary in this era. Instead of waiting in long queues, your work can easily be done within seconds because of an extremely useful thing we call the internet. Getting duplicate bills and paying them is a dreadful task and we have come to save you from it by introducing our service where you can check bill online without any issues.

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