Easily Check Your PTCL (Landline – Broadband – EVO) Bill Online

PTCL Bill, Duplicate Bill, and Other PTCL 2022 Services

PTCL is a telephonic and internet service provider and nowadays, it is widely used in offices, homes, shops, and even everywhere. We have to pay the bill every month because its subscription is monthly based. By chance, if you have lost your bill or in the case of delaying the bill, then you have to pay the extra charges.

Online bill checking is available for PTCL landline, broadband, Evo, and Smart TV bills. You can also obtain a duplicate bill copy. We’ll go over the procedure in full here.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is an acronym for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. This company is Pakistan’s largest landline telephone and internet service provider across the country.

PTCL also offers the option of getting duplicate bills and broadband bills for internet connections via the internet. Bills can now be paid online with just a few clicks. You can also receive a duplicate bill to be on the safe side, and you can easily print that second bill if you need it.

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Furthermore, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is one of the most well-known internet service providers in Pakistan. Similarly, a big percentage of its consumers in Pakistan use the telephonic and internet connection systems.

Everyone in this modern era requires internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the internet is a requirement for everyone from children to adults. PTCL is primarily used in companies, homes, offices, high schools, primary schools, universities, and other areas where these people are familiar.

Students require an internet connection to complete their assignments, while office professionals use it to complete their everyday activities. Similarly, many people who work from home require a reliable internet connection to do their responsibilities.

What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate PTCL bill copy?

All you have to do is go to the official website of PTCL www.ptcl.com.pk in the Google bar to get the PTCL duplicate bill 2020.

Duplicate Bill from PTCL

Most users can’t decide what they should do in the case of losing or delaying the bill. But, you don’t need to stress because we have a solution to this problem. So, whenever you lost the PTCL bill, visit the official website for viewing, downloading, and printing the bill.

Getting the duplicate bill by going to the PTCL service centers or shopkeepers is a very time-consuming task. Plus, you have to pay a minimum cost of 100 to 200 rupees for printing the bill. Also, paying the bill can be delayed in this way.

If you want to save your money & time, then it is the best solution. You can check, download, and print the Dbill within seconds. We have a landline bill, Evo bill, and PTCL bill, so you have to check the bill according to need.

It will provide you with some of the necessary information for printing the bill. However, you must input your landline number and PTCL account ID to do so. You can print it to submit the bill to any bank, but you’ll need PDF software, such as Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader, on your computer.

You may look up your bill history. It’s a straightforward procedure, and you may also pay your PTCL bill by downloading it. You can also submit the PTCL duplicate bill to any local commercial bank.

With more than 20 million members in Pakistan, PTCL is the most important communication provider in all of the country’s cities. Pick is now offering their consumers the ability to obtain a copy or duplicate PTCL bill with just a single click. It does, however, provide an online copy of the broadband internet bill. You may also print them out.

PTCL EVO Bill can be downloaded.

You must first input the MDN number, followed by the area code, and finally the ESN number to download the PTCL Evo bill. Finally, you must click the search button to obtain the PTCL Evo Bills.

With PTCL, you can get a smart TV.

Furthermore, thanks to its cutting-edge equipment, PTCL outperforms all other telecommunications system providers. Furthermore, it was the first to combine a telephone system with broadband, and now PTCL has introduced a smart TV that can be used with a PTCL connection.

For the telephones of digital PTCL, PTCL began with 10-digit numbers. This digital repair line provides a variety of functions that are dependent on your preferences. You can select services for your needs at the workplace or at home based on your preferences. These smart TV PTCL services will be covered by a one-month PTCL fixed cost, which will include all of your services.

PTCL is authorized by the PTA.

Ptcl – Pakistan Telecommunication Firm Limited is a PTA – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority – recognized company. PTA is the organization in charge of approving all communication and telephone firms in Pakistan’s cities. In addition, PTCL is governed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

As a result, PTA has a set of absolute rules under which PTL makes promotions. For PTCL, PTA devised some particular rules. PTCL is unable to provide internet access to anyone in Pakistan without the consent of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

PTCL’s Other Services

As a result, PTCL offers a variety of services to its valued consumers in order to please them. In this competitive world, PTCL strives to keep its consumers informed. Furthermore, PTCL offers services such as submitting and receiving duplicate PTCL bills, Evo bill services 2020, Smart Tv services, and many other online services.

All of PTCL’s valued clients can open an account by providing basic personal information. It is available through PTCL’s official website, www.ptcl.com.pk, and users can receive a bill via email through PTCL’s E-payment services.

PTCL’s Online Bill Payment Service

This service is offered to PTCL customers who have bank accounts, and all PTCL customers can obtain a duplicate copy of their bill for their records. A DBILL is a duplicate bill for any desired product, such as a PTCL landline or broadband bill, a smart TV bill, or a PTCL Evo bill.

PTCL Bills Monthly Subscription

Now, under the monthly based subscription of bills , all PTCL users are required to pay on the precise day of each month that is specified by the PTCL company on bills of PTCL.
The rationale for submitting the bill on a specified date is that it is possible that your PTCL bill will not arrive before the deadline. Occasionally, some people misplace their bills, which can be a major issue.

If the bill is lost, the user is fined, and the fine is in the form of additional costs for not paying the PTCL bill on time.
Checking the date of bill submission, including internet and phone bills, has never been easier.
This procedure is also free of charge.
You only need to enter your phone number and ID number to acquire an up-to-date duplicate bill that meets Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited’s requirements (PTCL).

Internet Packages from PTCL

Ptcl offers a variety of internet packages that can be customized to meet the needs of their customers. Furthermore, these internet bundles are used for broadband video, data processing/downloading, and other applications, and PTCL broadband offers unlimited data for great performance.

PTCL’s internet packages provide excellent download speeds throughout Pakistan.
Video calling and online surfing are the most popular uses of internet bundles.

Unlimited Internet Packages of Broadband

Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited is providing services of unlimited download and upload for demanding Internet applications. But only the high-speed broadband offers unlimited data at a higher level of performance. Besides that, PTCL BB features; Up-to 100 Mbps speed, GPON fiber optic connectivity, DSL, VDSL, and Unlimited bandwidth.

Advantages of Unlimited Broadband Internet Packages

Broadband service is available in more than 200 cities and towns across Pakistan. It has high speed available at an affordable price than ever before. You will have a fantastic experience when downloading and streaming or while watching TV shows or serials.

Moreover, it has precious HD multi-media resources and a smart TV application. Plus, the modem of Wi-Fi is a bright spot with all new connections. Also, you can make free On-net calls. Lastly, PTCL broadband users have access to free movies, music, TV shows, cricket matches, and watch educational and religious content.

Monthly Charges of Unlimited Broadband Internet

  • 1,750/- For 6Mpbs
  • 2,150/- For 8 Mbps
  • 2,650/- For 15 Mbps
  • 3,200/- for 23 Mbps

Note; internet speed of 20Mbps o ADSL, Up-to 50 Mbps on VDSL, and 100 Mbps on GPON-fiber.

Let us tell you about GPON technology!

What is GPON Internet Technology?

GPON abbreviation (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks), and it is a point-to-multi-point access mechanism. The main function of this fiber cable is the use of passive splitter in the fiber distribution network from the provider’s central office to serve multiple places. Thus, it serves to homes and several workplaces.

GPON Internet Packages and its Connection

It is a new fiber to home connection installation, and the charges are 15,000/- PKR. But there are other packages also available in some selected exchanges as well as for DSL and VDSL. GPON connection is available in selected areas only, you may call on the helpline for further details. Moreover, the conversion charges from the existing copper connection are 7,500/- PKR. We have a list of GPON plans price below.

GPON Broadband Plans Price 

  • 1,999/- For 5 Mbps
  • 2,499/- For 10 Mbps
  • 2,999/- For 20 Mpbs
  • 3,999/- For 50 Mbps
  • 4,999/- For 100Mbps

Wireless Charji Internet Packages

Charji packages are fantastic with the next generation of wireless broadband – known as charji EVO. And by becoming a part of long term broadband evolution, you may brace yourself for incredible browsing and downloading.

However, charjievo can do things faster. You can send emails, photos, videos, and do much more, anywhere, and within no time.PTCL has the fastest wireless services network to help you get the most out of the wireless unlimited internet connection. Wireless charjievo has the power to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously over Wi-Fi, although the average speed of charging is 5 to 15 Mbps on downlink and 2 to 5 Mbps on the uplink.

Moreover, you will enjoy seamless connectivity experience without any waiting time or buffering time. Charji will connect to you to the online world in a few seconds. Plus, you can watch movies, dramas, TC shows on Netflix, and youtube by having a Charji connection, you can do it all instantly.

Charji covers the following areas, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Baluchistan.

Monthly Charges of Unlimited Charji Internet

  • 1,000/- For 20 GB volume
  • 1,250/- For 30 GB volume
  • 1,500/- For 50 GB volume
  • 1,999/- For unlimited volume

PTCL Internet Packages’ Benefits

• They provide high-speed service in more than 200 cities across the country, and they offer the best TV program and movie streaming and downloading experience.

• You can make as many high-quality calls as you like.

• Access to Netflix, music, and other apps, as well as religious and sporting content.

• PTCL’s Smart TV application

4G Internet Packages from PTCL CharJi

Ptcl offers the greatest limitless packages to its devoted consumers, with a new CharJi plan starting at 1999/- PKR per month. With the finest 4g unlimited bundle 2020, you can now surf and download indefinitely.

PTCL 4G CharJi Packages Specifications

  • There are no additional fees.
  • Accept Rs. 1999/- PKR every month as payment.
  • With a PTCL 4G CharJi gadget, you can experience fantastic internet speeds, however the terms and conditions may apply to a maximum usage of 150 GB.
  • Users in Karachi and AJK are not eligible for the 4G deal.
  • Aside from that, this 4G deal is available to both new and existing PTCL customers.

PTCL Helpline and Live Chat 24/7

Ptcl provides live chat help to its loyal customers, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the reactions are immediate.
Their representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. If you have any issues with your connection, our agents will assist you. You can also call PTCL’s toll-free helpline at any time to take advantage of their 24-hour customer assistance.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I check my PTCL broadband bill online?

Go to dbill.ptcl.net.pk and input the landline number and PTCL account id to check it online.  The bill will now be available for download. You can also check it whenever you require a bill. You can also check the history of your bills with this.

What is the procedure for paying my PTCL bill via the internet?

By enrolling for E-payment on the portal, you can now pay your internet bills using UBL online banking. After that, check your email for the pin and input it. You can pay your bills with a debit or credit card once you login in.

How can I use my cell phone to check my PTCL bill?

Users of PTCL’s landline/broadband service, as well as Evo customers, can take advantage of this service and check their bills on their phones. Customers with internet and landline service will be given a phone number and an account id to access their bill information. However, in order to check their bills, Evo users must an MDN and ESN account id.

In a PTCL bill, what is Account ID?

The PTCL account ID can be found on the bill. The ID is made up of 10 to fifteen numbers. However, if you are having problems locating the ID for your account, contact the PTCL franchise.

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