Usman Mukhtar, Madiha Imam to star in Nadeem Baig’s short film

The last two years have unquestionably been among the most trying in recent memory. The COVID pandemic flipped the globe upside down, and we’re still reeling from it.
Families, in particular, were affected by the pandemic.

Many people lost their jobs, and spouses were forced to pitch in to assist with bills. Work from home and online school added to the workload of stay-at-home mothers and wives.
That is the story that the new short film starring Usman Mukhtar and Madiha Imam tries to tell.

The project, titled Aik To Tum Aurtain, will be released on SeePrime and helmed by acclaimed director Nadeem Baig (who has directed films such as Jawani Phir Nai Aani and Sinf-e-Ahan). “To the homemakers in our lives without whom we would not have survived the calamity of Covid 19,” says Aik To Tum Aurtain.

Madiha Imam and Usman Mukhtar will star in the new short film as a happy couple and parents whose lives are turned upside down when Mukhtar loses his job owing to the epidemic.
His frustrations appear to have gotten the best of him, and he takes it out on his wife. Even when it comes to simple domestic bills, he is overly judgmental of her spending.

Madiha Imam, on her part, is shown working nonstop on her daily chores, and it is subsequently indicated that she has found a method to increase her family’s income. Mukhtar wonders where the money in her bag came from and if it is from a charity. That’s when the audience realizes she’s attempting to assist with the costs.

We can’t wait to see Madiha Imam and Usman Mukhtar in their new short film, which comes out tonight!

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