How to Check HESCO (Hyderabad) Electricity Bill Online?

Here is How To Check HESCO Bill Online

Amongst our daily life chores, bill payments are the ones we often avoid. Long queues under the scorching heat of the sun makes it even more repulsive job to do. As technology is evolving nowadays, every human effort is now being reduced and thus we are becoming more machine dependant.

A brief flashback would remind when the phones and any source of communication were not common, people used to go through many obstacles to pay bills, but now everything is just one click away. Technological progression has imparted us with great management systems.

Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of keeping your prior records of bills and stashing them. Our intellectual systems have managed our records so well that even if you need to know your back 20 years old record just by providing the reference number, it would display your prior payments. We sometimes encounter the blunder of losing bills once paid which isn’t a sane thing to do. But no worries our latest systems have got your backs and now you can easily recover your previous bills duplicate.

Our Services:

Your convenience and ease are our primary goals, so we have overcome the hectic of going through offices for the payment of bills through the latest technological systems built for your ease.

Our services include the retrieval of the lost bill by filling up some details from your prior bills. Here we can say that the old bills play their vital role. Old details must be filled to retrieve the duplicate of the lost bills, though they keep the old records, but to achieve them some primary prerequisites must be filled. Paid bills must be stashed somewhere safe instead of trashing them away.

The online billing system in Pakistan is a sigh of relief for many people who prefer online payments and online checking. The latest developments have led us to discover the convenience we can impart to our customers. Our website, built on the latest technology, allows you to perform these functions so conveniently that you just have to fill the requirement column with the reference number on your old bill and there you are with the history of your payments.

What Is HESCO?

HESCO stands for Hyderabad electric supply company. This company looks forward to embrace the rights and responsibilities of former power supplier called Area Electricity Board (AEB) by providing electricity to its assigned areas without any interruption or failure.


HESCO is responsible for supplying electricity to 12 districts of Sindh Province, excluding Karachi. The operational circles are four which are listed below:

  • Hyderabad
  • Laar
  • Mirpurkhas
  • Nawabshah

Sections of Your HESCO Bill:

If you’re onto something, acknowledging yourself with its main constituents is necessary. Your bill contains many parts which should be known to you very well. The layout of the bill may seem a complex one to you but there is no such rocket science. Having a clear understanding will help you to address your problem more clearly and no one would have the audacity to manipulate you regarding your problem or deceive you and charge you more than regular.


Identifiers are a set of code consisting of number and alphabets arranged in a very unique manner for each consumer. This code is arranged in a way that every consumer will have the same pattern but the code will be unique for each consumer.

The identifiers also hold your complete data which includes your name, address, and meter numbers. This system helps in the generating bills in a great manner and delivering to their houses without any complications or fuss.

The most important component this section holds is the meter number. Every house has a unique meter number consisting of six digits. In addition to that if you are willing to access your current bill you must know your reference number to have access to it.

Specification of Months:

This section of your bill layout consists of the month you are being charged for. This section also includes the issue date of the bill, the last date for bill clearance, and the fine charges which have to be paid after the due date. The warning of late charges forces the consumer to pay the bill before the due date.

Previous Bills & Months:

This section has a collection of your billing history. This section comprises of the columns of the months showing the bills of last few months. This section has its significance as it helps us to keep track of the previous records. Furthermore, with the graphical representation, it becomes more viewable that how much energy is consumed every month.

Specification of Other Charges:

In this section, you would see some extra service charges which have been included in your bill. The charges like general sales tax, which is charged by the government and added in your electricity bill. Then they charge their service fees which the company is providing.

This section holds the ongoing per-unit rates of the electricity which is used to determine the monthly bill. A simple calculation is performed by the reader where the present units are deducted from the previous months’ units. All the charges are then added and then the final bill is released.

It’s important to revise your bill if so any mistake has been encountered by the suppliers or you’re being overcharged of something then you’ll have the chance to object.

Helpline and contact details:

Here comes the most important section through which you can contact the suppliers and address your queries regarding your bill. You can see in the corner of the bill the contact number and the e-mail address through which you can contact HESCO.

Steps to Check HESCO Bill Online:

Want to access your bill online? Online billing has become a relief to many. You can access to your duplicate bill by following the simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit our website. As you open our website, you will see a textbox requiring the reference number of your bill.
  • As you click in the text-box it would require a 14-digit number that is available on your bill copy. Memorizing or writing down the reference number in your diary would be of great help so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding again and again.
  • Once the reference number has been entered in the textbox you will immediately see your bill on your screen. This bill is printable so, you can print it from any shop.
  • If you are accessing your upcoming bill online and after entering the reference number the previous bills pop-ups , this states that the bill hasn’t been issued. No worries, you can contact the helpline and discuss your queries regarding your payments and forthcoming bills.

The following are some of the few ways your bill payments can be made:

  •  Online bank transfer
  •  Easy paisa
  •  Jazz Cash
  • Onelink

Benefits of online bill checking system:

Less laborious and convenient:

Who would choose to leave the comfort of their home and head towards the banks or HESCO offices under the burning heat to pay their utility bills? Exactly nobody.

In this era where technology is spreading like a wildfire has reduced the human effort and we are at much ease. All thanks to online banking which has overcome the difficulty of paying bills through offices or banks. And the good news is that our website provides you the convenience of paying your bills online and keeping the previous records in its database. 90% of people would choose to operate online instead of indulging themselves in a crowded area.

Easy to access:

Online management of everything has come so handy that accessing each and everything from every nook and corner of the world has become a piece of a cake. Online bill verification also gives you the ability to access it from any part of Pakistan, but mind that your reference number is the only key to access your bill.

Lessen expenditure:

Technology has gotten its grip so vast in every field that we can say that our transportation has gotten minimized. Online billing payment has saved your precious time very efficiently.

If we look back to a few decades we can see how people would strive to go the offices to make payments, and that time we can say traveling was a great challenge. Your vehicle would consume a great amount of diesel which is heavy on the pocket, indeed. But this changing world has introduced us with these impeccable services that a person can make any payment through any medium at the comfort of his couch.

Ergo, nowadays people prefer online payments over rushing to the nearby offices.

With this revolutionizing era, many things are now becoming common in Pakistan which includes the online bill payment. So it’s highly recommended to make your requirements meet through online service. For further queries, contact our helpline or visit the HESCO website.

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