How to Check FESCO (Faisalabad) Electricity Bill Online?

Not only paying, but now the power to generate your FESCO bill online too, is at your fingertips.

Living in 2020, we all are familiar with the fact that our utility bills can be paid online. But how many    do pay? It is yet, roughly around 10% of Pakistan’s population. People still prefer the conventional method of paying; by standing in long queues at banks, and getting that ‘PAID STAMP’ on their bills. Why?

  1. Because, it gives them a sense of contentment that their bill is being paid and they have a proof for it too.
  2. Maybe they find online payment options a bit too complicated.
  3. It’s easy¾ no technicalities involved.

Check Your FESCO BIll here.

It shows that our population is reluctant to accept convenience at the expense of assurance and simplicity. They would prefer tormenting themselves in those long queues for hours, than to pay without some solid visible assurance, or going through a multi-step payment procedure. Similarly, conventional provision of bills to customers¾ door-to-door, though simple, has a lot contingencies involved. Your bill may be delivered to a wrong address, it may soar along the wind escaping the clutches of your door, may get lost during its delivery manoeuvre, or the customer may lose it too. To overcome them, while making it as simpler as it could be, FESCO has proposed a solution to its customers that would not only give them assurance, but also free them from the agony of keeping track of their electricity bills, and going through a long, frustrating process of getting a duplicate, if they miss it by any chance.

Yes you read it right! FESCO has launched a new feature on its website that will provide you the liberty to generate and print your bill whenever and wherever you want. By doing so, FESCO aims to promote customer trust on online methods, and gives them the leverage to incorporate technology within their daily live and make their experiences efficient, convenient and more user-friendly.

Thinking about how to do it? Don’t worry, this article will provide you all the information you need on FESCO and this online facility.

What is FESCO?

FESCO, abbreviation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, is one of Pakistan’s most well-reputed electric distribution company, supplying hydro-electric power to about 4.40 million consumers in its territory, with a population of over 26 million. FESCO has been granted distribution license by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), under the umbrella of Distribution of Electric Power Act 1997 (NEPRA Act), and is a part of WAPDA. It was established in 1988, and since then, providing good quality power supply to its customers. They have an efficient customer regulatory service, where complaints of customers are listened and promptly catered.

Districts under FESCO:-

Following are the districts, receiving their power supply from FESCO:

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • Toba Tek Singh
  • Chiniot

How to generate your FESCO bill online?

As simple as ABC, mentioned below are the sequential steps you must take to generate and print your FESCO bill online:

  • Step #1: Open FESCO’s website or click on the subsequent link,
  • Step #2: Click on the ‘Bill print icon’ in the customer service grid.
  • Step #3: Now enter your reference number into the empty dialogue box on your screen. You can check your reference number from your last bill.

  • Step #4: Click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will be directed to your current bill.
  • Step #5: You may download or print it, as per your wish.

Remember: if your bill hasn’t been issued yet, then you will be directed to your previous bill. So, please check the issue date and billing month before proceeding.

Understanding your FESCO Bill:-

Have you ever tried to go through your utility bills, understanding their layout and recalculating the amount printed on the ‘Amount payable by due date’ column? If your answer is ‘NO’, you are not alone. No need to fret, as we have compiled below all the necessary things you must know about your FESCO bill, that will help you interpret it correctly in near future, and catch any kind of error that may cost on your pocket.

  • Identifiers: this includes your name, address, meter number and reference number. Your reference number is a 14-digit number, specific for every electric channel. It has an additional alphabet ‘R’ or ‘U’ in the end¾ ‘R’ for Rural, ‘U’ for Urban. It is most important among all the identifiers, as this is the information that is going to get you your online bill generated.

  • Important Dates: this includes; your billing month, reading date, bill issue date, due date, and connection date, in the top right column of your billing invoice.

  • Billing history: this column incorporates the entire billing record of your previous year. Number of units consumed,and the amount paid per month are mentioned accordingly.  In case of an unpaid installment, or cancelled connection, the corresponding month record shows a ‘0’ in the payment row. This helps you to know which month you consumed most units and hence, may strategize accordingly.


  • Contact section: in case you have found an error in your billing invoice, you may contact via the numbers mentioned below and request for assistance.

Payment options for your online-generated bill:-

  • Conventional route: You can pay your bills at any nearest bank from your home but, you may have to stand in long queues for hours in scorching heat or bleak mornings; keeping in mind bank’s fixed working hours and days.
  • EasyPaisa: You can visit you nearest EasyPaisa shop. The payment procedure is extremely simple, just like in banks, and you will receive a confirmation message once you have paid your bill.


You can pay your bill through your EasyPaisa account in your phone. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your account
  • Select ‘Bill payment’
  • Select the ‘type of utility bill’
  • Select the ‘utility bill company’
  • Enter ‘Consumer code’
  • Tap ‘ Get bill’
  • Tap ‘Proceed’
  • Tap ‘Pay now’
  • Bill payment done

Once transaction is done, you will be assigned a payment invoice, which you can save or download for your records. Plus, EasyPaisa will also verify your payment by sending you a confirmation message.

  • JazzCash: You may also pay your bill via your JazzCash mobile account.
  • Dial *786#
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’
  • Select ‘Type of Bill’
  • Select Company
  • Type your Bill’s Consumer Reference number
  • Enter MPIN to confirm
  • Bill paid

Through your Online bank account/ mobile App: Very simple, you just need to have an online banking account, or your bank’s mobile app, and a smartphone/tablet/laptop. Whatever mode you are using, it is just a matter of few clicks.

Via NADRA e-Sahulat: There are more than 1200 NADRA e-Sahulat franchises all over Pakistan. All you have to do is:

  • Go to your nearest NADRA e-Sahulat franchise, with the due amount.
  • Provide your ‘Consumer ID’ or ‘Reference number’ to retrieve your billing information.
  • Verify your billing details.
  • Pay your due amount
  • Bill paid

Once your bill is paid, you will receive your payment receipt which you may keep to maintain your record.

Pros of Online bill generation:

  • Convenient: it obliviates the need, for both the consumer and service provider, to reach out to each other physically, meanwhile maintaining a strong quality relationship.
  • Easy: a single click and submit, that’s all a customer has to do. Simple yet effective!
  • Accessible: can be generated anywhere, anytime you want.
  • Time-efficient: compared to the conventional method, this method is super-fast, and will provide you your bill in no time.
  • Cost-effective: this feature is totally free; no extra fee is charged on your bill.
  • Reliable: it is 100% reliable; FESCO itself, is providing you this service.

FESCO’s SMS and E-mail services:

In addition to the ‘online-bill generation’, FESCO has supplemented another valuable service for its customers. Now, FESCO’s customers will be able to receive their bills via SMS and emails too; completely free. All you have to do is register for this facility on its webpage, as instructed below:

  • Select your preferred mode¾ E-mail only, SMS only or both
  • Enter your ‘Reference number’
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click/tap on the submit option and done!

Contact details:

In case you have any concerns or complaints, or require some kind of assistance, you may contact FESCO through information mentioned below:

Address: West canal road, Abdullah pur, Faisalabad

Call at:




In this digital age, where every aspect of life is being touched by technology and advancement, our Country’s billing system is no exception. Through such services, FESCO has not only made this entire billing and payment manoeuvre easy, but also convenient and customer-oriented. By making billing less stressful and more time-efficient, their valuable customers have one less worry to fret upon, and can spend this saved energy somewhere more productive.

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