Nousheen Syed aka Dolly – A Pakistani TikTok Fashion Star

Making videos on TikTok may seem easy at first glance, but capturing the heart of fans around the globe? Well, that is a tough job; not many can do.

Currently, with the popularity of TikTok, many bloggers, models, and artists are trying to revamp their image. At the same time, many newcomers are looking to start their careers as well. Making use of the new TikTok hype, many female artists have launched their careers as visual storytellers, models, and even singers. But despite the hype of the app, only a few people have managed to stand out and capture the hearts of fans. One such artist ruling the world of TikTok in Pakistan is the famous female singer and model Nousheen Syed.

Even before entering the TikTok industry, Nousheen was already an aspiring showbiz star. This not only helped her launch her TikTok career but also helped her expand her fan base. Most commonly known by her stage name ‘Dolly.’ Nousheen has more than 4.2 million followers on her TikTok account. The 93.2 million hearts on her TikTok videos speak of her run as TikTok.

Early Life and Career:

Dolly was born in the Grand city of Lahore, where every young girl dreams of becoming an artist. She was born on 16 August 1994, which currently makes her 25 years old. Dolly was raised in Punjab, and she currently resides in her hometown of Lahore.

Dolly initially started her career as a fashion artist and model. She later opened her parlor by the name of ‘beauty concept salon’. The success of that beauty parlor encouraged her to launch her own fashion line by the name of Bling. As the CEO of her fashion brand, she targeted other showbiz artists with her exclusive designer wears. Thanks to her reputation as a fashion influencer, she has been invited on various morning shows across the country, including Nida Yasir’s show.

Nousheen claimed that as a young model, she found it very hard to find work. She struggled at first because she did not have any contacts in showbiz. She does not want other emerging artists to go through the same problems as her. So, she has started her own production company by the name of ‘Leo’. Her production company aims to bring new talent and fresh faces to the screen because she believes everyone deserves a chance at fame.

Apart from her production house, Dolly also organizes regular fashion events that introduce famous designers to models. Most of these events are held in Lahore, which is considered the fashion hub of Pakistan. She is known to have organized the D-Fashion Week in Islamabad, Bling Fashion Night, and Laxxy Fashion Night in Karachi. Her production house has also served as a media partner and organizer for the Leo Style Awards. Dolly also helped organize the famous segment ‘Shadi Week’ at Madiha Naqvi’s morning show at the GEO channel.

A career as a Tiktoker:

After running her Beauty Concept Salon for ten years, Nousheen Syed joined the TikTok hype, like many other artists. From the start, she was had good luck due to her prior career as a model and renowned makeup artist. With TikTok, the fashion diva gained not only local fans, but following her success, she attracted a growing global fan base.

As part of her TikTok career, she has uploaded lip-syncing videos, dance songs, and movie dialogue videos on her TikTok account. Most of her content on her TikTok account is related to the fashion niche. She regularly uploads dance videos on Punjabi songs, such as Na Mastana to Mastani. Her most hit dance video that went viral was on the famous no makeup song by Bilal Saeed and Bohemia.

Currently, Dolly has an astounding 4.1 million followers and 90.5 million hearts on her TikTok.


Social Media Success:

Apart from dance videos, she also uploads videos of her fashion shoots and product promotions. She has endorsed many beauty products such as Neet and Soft, and cellphones through her videos. Due to her immense popularity from such brands, she is now also the brand ambassador for Neet and Soft, Palm City, and Salem Fabrics. Her fame from these brands also landed her roles in TV commercials of Lake City Bella Vista Project and Pearl Whitening Serum.

As a gift to her fan following, she also tried to do the movie dialogues of all Shah Rukh Khan’s old romantic classics. After these videos went, her fan base immediately exploded, and her impression of ‘1942: A Love Story’ was liked the most by her fans.

Her popularity on TikTok also direct fans towards her Instagram beauty blog. As a result, several fan pages of Dolly surfaced, too, as a way for the fans to express their love for her work. She has also worked as a host and anchor for the Morning Manchester by DM digital and Youth Dialogue by PTV News Channel. To get to know her journey as a TikToker, and fashion diva blogger, she was called as a guest on the Eid special segment hosted by Samaa News.


Dolly, also called the Lion lady, also hosts a program on 7NewsTV by the name of ‘7 ke sath’. She continues to prove herself on every forum, and there really isn’t any stopping this TikTok lioness.

Apart from creating amazing content. Dolly enjoys reading Pakistani novels and photography in her spare time. To stay active as a fashion icon, she regularly goes to the gym to try out different exercises. She also shares her beauty exercise routines with her fans on her Instagram blog.


At just the age of 25, Nousheen has gained fame as a fashion diva, TikToker, and influencer, which many people only hope to achieve. She has her own fashion line, production company, and massive social media following.

With her success, she is now trying to helping other young models to pursue this line of work as well. Her fan base has appreciated and shown their love for her through likes and fan pages.

Dolly truly is one of Pakistan’s finest who, despite her fame and success, remains humble and leads a very normal life. She enjoys cooking and spends time with her family as she continues to make great new TikTok content.

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