Zularnain Sikandar – Pakistan’s Favorite TikToker Star

TikTok is an increasingly popular social media website in Pakistan. It has enabled several young and talented Pakistanis to showcase their acting and dancing abilities.

One such Pakistani is Zulqarnain Sikandar, known for his lip-sync videos and good looks. Did you know Zulqarnain was the first male Pakistani TikToker to receive one million followers in less than a year?

Read on for a complete biography on the emerging TikTok star that has been turning heads where ever he goes.



Early Life and Education:

Zulqarnain Sikandar comes from the city of Lahore where every little boy dreams of becoming a star. He was born in Gujrat to a traditional Punjabi family.

His father was a former employee at WAPDA who now has his own business. Zulqarnain is one of five siblings. He has three brothers and an older sister. The TikTok star says he does not feel comfortable posting pictures of his family.

Zulqarnain was born on the 26th of October, 1998 which currently makes him 22 years old. Apart from being a TikTok star, Zulqarnain is also a law student. In fact, he is currently pursuing a degree in law from Gujrat National Law University.

Although Zulqarnain is primarily a TikTok celebrity, he has a massive following on other social media websites as well.

He frequently promotes and endorses different brands on his Instagram account and regularly collaborates with fellow TikTok stars such as Jannat Mirza and Kanwal Aftab.

Career as TikTok Celebrity

Zulqarnain first joined TikTok in 2018 after he saw his younger brother use the popular social media platform.  At first, he only made videos for fun with his friends however his increasing popularity soon enabled him to make a career out of posting TikTok videos.

His TikTok success is often attributed to his uncommonly good looks and his spot-on acting ability. Currently, Zulqarnain has an astonishing 7.2 million followers on TikTok with more than 370 million likes.

Zulqarnain is popular for his lip-sync and dance videos as well as occasional comedy skits that receive thousands of views in just under a few hours. He is more than just a pretty face and knows how to keep his videos fun and fresh.

His popularity has led to him collaborating with some very famous brands such as Telenor Pakistan. He is currently managed by citrustalent agency and is looking to work in television and films in the future.


Zulqarnain is currently one of the leading TikTok stars with fans from around the world. Which shows his hard work and dedication towards his craft.

He regularly collaborates with his friends on his TikTok vlogs to keep things interesting and fun for both himself and his fans. He can also be seen thanking his fans in his interviews as he claims that they are the true reason behind his success.

Social Media Success and other ventures

Zulqarnain also has a large number of followers on Instagram with almost 300 posts and 500 thousand followers. He enjoys being photographed and making mash-ups on the popular picture sharing website.

However, this is not all, and Zulqarnain recently starred in a short film by the title of ‘Baba Ji Ki Booti’ a popular coming-of-age comedy. Although the film was received poorly Zulqarnain’s acting skills were praised by fans and critics alike.

The TikTok star plans on entering Lollywood and working on similar projects in the future once he completes his education. When not making TikTok videos Zulqarnain likes to shoot vlogs for his YouTube channel where he and his friends take on trending challenges. He currently has 243 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Additionally, Zulqarnain has made an appearance on several popular morning shows. He was invited to the morning show with Juggan Kazim where he spoke about his journey as TikTok-er and gave out tips to new users of the website.

He also made an appearance on the popular ARY show hosted by Nida Yasir where he and his fellow TikTok stars spoke about the struggles, scope, and opportunities of being in this line of work.

Zulqarnain was also invited to promote an event at Lahore’s MNG mall where fans gathered around him in awe.



In August if 2019, shortly after Zulqarnain achieved one million followers on TikTok his account was unexpectedly suspended. It turned out that his account had been falsely reported for indecent content by his competitors.

Zulqarnain took it to his Youtube channel to clarify the situation to his fans and reassured them that he was not going to give up. After an inquiry by the TikTok team his account was restored for which he thanked his fans for their support.

With fame and popularity comes backlash and criticism. However, Despite hate comments and cyberbullying Zulaqarnain remains true to his craft and does not let the negativity affect him or his work. He believes there is nothing hard work and determination cannot conquer.

Hobbies and Interests

Zulqarnain loves photography and enjoys listening to music. His favorite singers include Ellie Goulding, Arjit Singh, and Atif Aslam.

He also loves movies and dramas and cites Fawad Khan and Shahrukh Khan as his ultimate inspiration. He also revealed in an interview that Mawra Hocane is his favorite Pakistani actress. When not making TikToks Zulaqarnain likes to play sports such as cricket and football. His favorite cricketer is Babar Azam whereas his favorite football player is Lionel Messi.

Zulqarnain is very family-oriented and likes to spend time with his family when he is not working.

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