Riyaz Aly – The 17-year-old Dancer, Model, and TikTok Celebrity

The TikTok wave has taken over the world. The six-second short TikTok videos have made it easy to make exciting and fun videos using just your phones.

Many people have turned into overnight stars thanks to the increasing TikTok craze around the world. One such bright star is Riyaz Ali, hailing from India. A few years ago no one had heard his name and now he is one of the most popular social media personalities in the world.

Read on for a complete profile on the TikToker turned model and influencer known for his good looks and loveable personality.


Early Life and Education

Riyaz Aly was born on the 14th of September,2003 in the city of Jaigaona, India. The 17-year-old social media personality comes from humble beginnings. His father Afroz Afreen and mother Shabnam are both practicing Muslims who have worked very hard to raise Riyaz and his older sister Reeza.

Before gaining widespread fame on social media, Riyaz attended Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala School in Bhutan. He was always a bright and determined student who scored over 85% in his 10th standard. However, life was not always this flashy and glamorous for Riyaz.

When Riyaz was younger he worked as a salesperson in a small perfume shop near his home to support himself. He was always ambitious and wanted to do more. His life completely changed when he joined TikTok and started making random videos for fun. He would make them with his friends and post them without knowing how popular they would get. So, before he knew it, he had millions of followers and people began recognizing him everywhere from school to work.

Using this growing fame Riyaz has established himself as a YouTuber, model, and emerging actor. Read on to find more about Riyaz Ali, his TikTok career, famous collaborations, and much more.

TikTok Career

Riyaz began his TikTok career for fun. No one could have anticipated the love and appreciation he got from the platform.  In 2017 at just the age of 15, Riyaz started making TikToks with his friends. Within a few months, he had 26 million followers.

His clever and cheeky lip-sync videos, comedy skits and funky dance moves had captured hearts all over the world. His videos were flooded with likes and comments from fans. Some were in love with his playful antics and personality while others appreciated his unique sense of style and fashion.


Now, Riyaz has 43.2 million followers on TikTok, and 2 billion likes. He also has a badge for popular muser and is one of the top earners on TikTok.

TikTok has allowed Riyaz to not only showcase his incredible acting abilities but also become a successful fashion blogger who regularly endorses different brands. He regularly collaborates with his friends and famous TikTokers Jannat Zubair as well as Avneet Kaur to make new and exciting TikToks.

He has even made viral TikToks with leading singer, Neha Kakkar who he says is his favorite singer in the country.

Now, due to increasing hostility between India and China TikTok has been banned by the Indian government. Riyaz has been one of the most affected users as a result of the ban but that has not stopped him from working on new projects for the sake of his fans.

Read on to find out more about what Riyaz Ali is currently working on.

Social Media and other ventures

The star blogger and influencer, Riyaz Ali is also quite popular on Instagram and Youtube. His Instagram account currently has 9.2 million followers where he regularly engaged with his fans by posting pictures from his everyday photoshoots.

Riyaz is also interested in acting and modeling and made his debut alongside Siddharth Nigam in the music video “Yaari Hai” which was sung by Tony Kakkar. The music video for the song has become very popular, grossing over 100 million views on YouTube.

In 2019 the aspiring actor also appeared in the music video for Padhan with his friend Avneet Kaur. The song was sung by the melodic Rajat Nagpal and much loved by fans around the world. Most recently he appeared in the music video for “Super Star” which is sung by his favorite singer and friend Neha Kakkar.

Currently, he is working with the brand, “Celebrity Face” and was featured in their latest portfolio camp shoot.

With the future of TikTok in India uncertain, Riyaz wants to focus on his acting career. He has been receiving a lot of opportunities and offers but he says he is waiting for the right role. He has also expressed the wish to work with Sara Ali Khan and is looking to make a successful debut.

Personal Life

Riyaz is a fitness freak who started working out from an early age of just 14 because he thought he was obese. He also loves cars and motorcycles and recently added a red Mercedes Benz to his car collection.

His favorite cuisine is desi Indian food and he loves to spend time with his family when he is not busy working.

Riyaz admires Shahrukh Khan and Ranveer Singh as actors and aspires to be a successful as them. About his favorite Sportsman, the TikTok star says he loves MS. Dhoni and would like to meet him someday.

At just 17, Riyaz has achieved more than most do in their entire life. He has a reported net worth of 10 million INR and is the sixth highest-earning TikTok star in the world. We can’t wait to see what this young sensation does next but we wish him all the best luck for the future!

Social media handles

Facebook– @ Riyaziansfans   |   Instagram – @riyaz.14   |   TikTok – @riyaz.14

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