Alishabah Anjum – A Gorgeous and Famous Pakistani TikTok Star

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media communities today. Users of the applications range from children to boomers. With some users even having accounts for their pets.

Pakistan has also been affected by this TikTok wave as it has given birth to several young and talented artists. One such artist is Alishbah Anjum who at a very young age has become one of the most liked and talked about influencers.

So, read on for a complete biography on the young and talented Alishbah Anjum.


Early Life and Education

Alishbah Anjum fondly called Lishay by her friends and fans was born on the 1st of October. Her exact age is not a part of public record but she is estimated to be 19 years old.

Alishbah comes from the city of Faisalabad, Pakistan born to a Punjabi household. She has two older sisters one of whom is the famous actress, model and TikToker Jannat Mirza.

Currently Alishbah is pursuing her FSC from Faislabad and is she keen to continue her education side by side with her career. The young and beautiful star claims that she first discovered TikTok while randomly scrolling her Facebook one day. And immediately decided to make an account.

Since then her life has completely transformed and she has received numerous opportunities. She actively promotes different brands on her social media and makes use of her growing fanbase.


Career as TikTok Celebrity

Alishbah describes her TikTok journey as purely accidental. She first joined the platform in 2018 and started making videos for her own personal amusement.

However, she gradually gained the confidence to publish these videos and received great appreciation from fans. Currently Alishbah has 5.8 million followers and 113 million likes.

She is primarily known for making lip-sync videos that showcase her acting abilities. Thanks to her popularity she has received badges for being an ace TikTok comedian and crowned muser.

When she first joined the platform Alishbah experimented with sound clips and now she primarily uses Pakistani and Indian audio clips for her funny six seconds videos that have fans going crazy.

Alishbah also happens to be one of the best dressed TikTok stars as she takes special care in choosing her outfits and loves to play around with makeup. Using her TikTok she has endorsed several brands and modeled for various salons and designers.


She occasionally does dance routines and regularly collaborates on TikTok with her sister Jannat and her cousins. She believes that the platform has brought her and Jannat even closer now that they work together.

While many claim Alishbah is just another pretty face her fans believe differently and shower her posts with thousands of comments as soon as she posts something. Ultimately it is Alishba’s talent and hard work that has led to her success.

Her TikTok bio reads, ‘Just an ordinary girl’ which shows how down to Earth the star remains in spite of her popularity. Alishbah credits her parents for always being supportive of her TikTok career and encouraging her to do what she loves.

Social Media Success and Future plans

Alishbah Anjum is equally popular on Instagram as she is on TikTok. In fact the Tik Tok star turned model currently has 706 thousand followers and over 600 posts on the popular picture-sharing app.

Her pictures regularly receive millions of likes and thousands of comments. She is uses this attention for paid promotion with various apparel and cosmetic brands.

Alishbah loves makeup and likes to post tutorials of her transformation online for her fans.  Alishbah also has a wide YouTube fan base with 78 thousand subscribers that tune in to enjoy her travel vlogs.

Recently Alishbah co-starred with her sister in a short film by the title of ‘Baba Ji ki booti’.

However, in her interviews Alishbah has mentioned that while she has numerous film and television offers she has no interest in entering showbiz. She wants to complete her education first and then decide what she wants to do.


She thinks that she would make a better villain than heroin and if the right opportunity comes she will be interested in playing a negative character. As for her future plans, the TikTok star is confident that she wants to establish her own business. According to a recent interview Alishbah says she wants to introduce her own make-up brand.

Alishbah has been invited to various interviews on different channels like Lahore Rung, City 41. She frequently addresses the challenges of being a TikToker in Pakistan.


Alishbah Anjum took it to her social media to call out a rude journalist. She claimed that the interviewer had begged to interview her and her sister Jannat.

However, during the interview itself the journalist had completely ignored Alishbah and treated her coldly. Alishbah expressed her disappointment on the unprofessionalism displayed by the shows host. She further added that people should not take interviews if they don’t know how to conduct them.

Hobbies and other Interests

The TikTok star Alishbah Anjum loves to travel and she was recently spotted in Japan with her family. She also enjoys watching films and loves Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. She also likes following other TikTok stars such as Loren Gray.

Alishbah is very extremely family-oriented and spends whatever time she can get with her family. She is particularly close to her sister Jannat Mirza who she also works with. One of Pakistan’s brightest Alishbah Anjum continues to restore our faith on girl power and we wish her the best of luck.

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