Survey Junkie Review: Things to Know Before You Sign Up

Online surveys are a convenient method to supplement your income while working from home, but is Survey Junkie worth your time?

To generate money online in my leisure time, I’ve taken hundreds of online surveys from companies like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks during the last five years.

The income is tiny — often less than $1 each survey — but if you persist with it, it may add up quickly.

What Is Survey Junkie and Is It Worth It? 

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that rewards participants for participating in surveys. Each survey has a set number of points that may be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

I put Survey Junkie to the test to see how it stacked up against MTurk and Swagbucks. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

1. Create a User Account

It takes roughly two minutes to get started with Survey Junkie. Before you may create an account on, you must provide the following personal information:

  • the postal code
  • Place of residence
  • Year of birth
  • First name Gender
  • Name of last name


I started filling out profiles as soon as I signed up. According to Survey Junkie, this will enhance your chances of receiving more surveys with better pay.

Because market research firms are seeking for specific categories of people to fill out surveys, this is the case. To get matched with surveys, fill out Survey Junkie’s profiles.

These profile questions inquired about my pet, the brand of smartphone I use, where I purchase for specific items, and how much time I spend watching television.

I received a little number of points for each profile I finished.

2. Completing Surveys

Survey Junkie began contacting me with paid survey opportunities soon after I completed those profile questions.


A list of available surveys can be found on your account dashboard. Before you click on one, you can see how many points you’ll get and how long it’ll take you to finish the assignment — for example, a 10-minute survey for 40 points.

I could only participate in a few surveys at a time, which limited my earning potential with Survey Junkie.

Survey’s Dashboard: Junkie shows you which surveys and prizes are available.

I discovered that Survey Junkie has fewer surveys available than MTurk, which take longer to finish and pay less. I finished 35 assignments between profile questions and surveys before achieving the $10 minimum reward.

(The minimum redemption amount had been reduced to $5 when I last checked Survey Junkie in June 2020.)

The most aggravating part was answering survey questions for several minutes just to be excluded. This happened a couple of times.

If you’ve taken a lot of internet surveys, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’ve had this experience with Swagbucks before. It can be discouraging to put in the majority of the effort yet not receive the whole benefit.

In terms of survey themes, the majority of Survey Junkie’s surveys were focused on consumer items and services.

3. Getting Paid for Your Work

One point equals one penny when you take surveys with Survey Junkie. As a result, a survey with a value of 100 points will net you $1. To cash out, you must have $5 in your account (500 points).


I decided to receive a PayPal cash payment, however your incentives can alternatively be transferred to a bank account. A third redemption option is electronic gift cards.

The following are some of the gift cards that are available:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Groupon at Walmart and Target

When I went to cash out, Survey Junkie requested identification verification. This includes my home location as well as my phone number.

However, because Survey Junkie’s technology was unable to identify my identity automatically, I had to wait until the next working day for someone from the company to phone me and confirm my identity manually.

Unique Features:

Survey Junkie’s products and services are not overly sophisticated. It’s free to sign up for an account, and you’ll get points for completing surveys that you’re eligible for.
You can redeem your awards for PayPal cash or gift cards once you’ve accumulated at least $5 in them.

Before you sign up, you should be aware of the following features:

More points can be earned by using the Survey Junkie Pulse app: You can earn more rewards points by downloading the app or installing the browser extension on your device.
It also expands the number of surveys for which you are qualified.

Make use of your clout: While you will be compensated for completing simple questions, the information you supply to Survey Junkie will be used to influence brands you enjoy.
This platform not only pays you for your time, but it also allows you to help create future products and services.

Who Survey Junkie is Best For:

Although it may appear that getting paid to answer questions is too good to be true, Survey Junkie is as genuine as they get. Indeed, the company has received generally positive feedback from nearly 25,000 Trustpilot users.

Still, it’s vital to keep in mind that taking surveys on Survey Junkie won’t make you rich.

This is the best solution for:

  • People who are too busy to work yet wish to earn gift cards or PayPal cash in their spare time
  • Anyone has a few hours to kill on a weekly basis, such as during their child’s sports activities or piano lessons
  • Parents who are accumulating prizes to use as Christmas or birthday presents
  • People who wish to pass the time while watching TV or relaxing by doing something mindless

Several of their surveys pay as little as $0.50, and you might only be eligible for $10 in surveys per week. When you take surveys on the lower end of the pay range, you may only get paid $1 to $4 per hour, which isn’t much.

Survey Junkie is more of a “side hustle” than a full-time position. It’s also a bad idea for folks who need consistent side income because you could not be approved for every survey.

Survey Junkie vs. Other Survey Sites

You’re probably aware that Survey Junkie is just one of many companies that do the same thing. However, not all survey sites are created equal, so if you only plan to utilize one, make sure to check out a few others:

Survey JunkieInbox DollarsSwagbucks
Tasks RequiredSurveysSurveys
Watching videos
Playing games
Watching videos
Browsing the Web
Redemption optionsGift cards
Gift cards
Gift cards
Minimum redemption amount$5$30$3

The Bottom Line:

Users can answer questions in exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards on Survey Junkie’s free platform. You won’t make a lot of money for your time, but our platform makes it simple to accumulate incentives that you can use to pay for splurges or even ordinary expenses.

However, because there are so many online survey companies that pay cash, you should compare the best possibilities before signing up. Meanwhile, learn about other creative methods to make money at home.

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