How to Make Money on Bigo (8 Legit Ways to Earn)

Bigo Live is a prominent live streaming website with over 400 million registered users, all of whom are either live streaming or watching others live stream.

Apart from watching live streaming, making new friends, and passing time, did you know that Bigo Live is also the go-to place for streamers looking to turn their pastime and talent into a little extra income and earn money without having to work a formal job?

This article will discuss how to generate money on Bigo Live and how to maximize revenue to achieve success.

Let’s get started.

 Earn money from BIGO LIVE by working as an official host.

Are you sick of your 9-to-5 corporate job? Bigo Live provides you with an amazing opportunity to earn money by displaying your talent to a worldwide audience. Bigo Live is for you if you are a performer who enjoys interacting with others through your ability.

You can serve as an official host on Bigo Live. The host will make a mobile live broadcast, and if the monthly target is met, the presenter will be paid a commission. Content, following, and time spent broadcasting all contribute to the commission. Bigo Live presenters have been able to make up to $5,000 per month on a global scale.

Apply for Bigo Live Agency to Make Money from Bigo Live

To make money from Bigo Live, apply for Bigo Live Agency. You can work as a recruiter if you have enough KOLs/artists/celebrities on hand, or if you have pals who are both talented and charismatic (Agency). You can earn commissions from the hosts you bring to Bigo Live as a Bigo Live Agency. The more streamers (hosts/broadcasters) you bring, the more awards you can earn!

Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts

Another option to make money is to cash in your virtual presents. If you’re a well-known streamer, your fans will send you virtual presents. After that, you can stock up on gifts that can be turned into ‘beans.’

You will earn more beans the more popular you are. Finally, you can exchange these beans for actual money, which is deposited into your account by the app.
The current ‘bean’ exchange rate is 210 beans for one dollar in the United States. Make sure you’re exhibiting some of your skills; this will ensure that you have a large number of visitors, which is crucial for making money. More information about how to get famous on Bigo Live and how to cash out beans on Bigo Live can be found here.

Participate in the Bigo Live Referral Program to Earn Money

Bigo Live occasionally runs a referral program or a “refer-a-friend” campaign. For example, you can earn USD2 for each valid download and signup if you join the Singapore “refer-a-friend” program. Different referral programs may exist in different countries. You can use the Bigo Live app to find additional events to participate in and earn money.

How to Make Money on Bigo in 8 Different Ways

On the Bigo platform, there are numerous ways to make money. Here are eight different ways you can do it.

1. Share what you know with others.

Teaching someone something you know is one of the most successful methods. Video tutorials are quite popular on all online platforms, but particularly on livestreaming sites like Bigo.

If you have a unique skill that is in high demand, this is a fantastic method to earn money. On Bigo, a number of ladies have launched a livestream channel to educate other women and girls how to apply cosmetics.

You also don’t need to be a trained makeup artist. You don’t have to be a pro at applying makeup or know everything there is to know about the items you’re using. Makeup artists can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 per year when they first start out, demonstrating the field’s potential.

2. Make Music for Others

People are constantly looking for ways to be entertained, and they enjoy listening to live music. Live concerts and other live music events have been canceled as a result of the pandemic.

However, there is still a lot of musical talent in the world, and if you have it, you can show it off on Bigo Live and earn some money in the process.

On your channel, you can sing, play drums, or perform any other instrument. People will send you presents such as beans and diamonds as you get more followers, which can eventually be exchanged into actual money.

A dollar is worth 210 beans. As a result, the more tips you gather, the more money you can earn. You may make as much as $1,000 per month if you’re extremely exceptional at what you do.

3. Live Streaming

Do you lead a fascinating life? If that’s the case, people are likely to want to join you.

Vlogs are the modern-day equivalents of reality shows, in that viewers may watch what’s going on in other people’s lives as it happens.

There are innumerable vloggers who have turned documenting their lives and sharing them with their followers into a full-fledged vocation.
This began on YouTube and has since evolved into a live version on applications like Bigo.

Some of the most successful vloggers earn millions of dollars per year. In fact, in the twenty-first century, this has even become a means for kids to make money. That isn’t realistic for most individuals, but it does demonstrate the potential that exists.

4. Provide walkthroughs for video games

You had to buy a magazine to see a walkthrough if you were having problems getting through a given area of a video game back in the day. This led to the creation of internet webpages and walkthroughs, some of which included videos.

Many people nowadays may livestream video game walkthroughs or simply show themselves playing video games online with other people. On Discord, creating gaming communities is also a popular way to make money.

As iGaming has many top-notch competitors, it has grown into a fairly large industry in and of itself. On other platforms, some of the best expert video game streamers earn $3,000 to $5,000 each month.

5. Market Your Own Goods

Promoting things you’ve made on your livestream is another wonderful method to discover how to make money on Bigo. T-shirts, hats, mugs, ebooks, and guides, to name a few, have all been created by today’s creative folks.

The issue for most individuals is that marketing these things in traditional ways is extremely difficult. Building a following by livestreaming on Bigo and then pushing your products for sale is one method to achieve it.

This can help you earn money on Bigo in two ways. First, if you have enough followers, stream sufficiently, and receive enough tips, you can make money directly through Bigo.

Then you may generate extra money — or perhaps all of your money — by directing customers to your own website to purchase your goods. This may net you around $2,000 every month on average.

6. Obtain Sponsorship

On livestream platforms, this is a fairly common technique to generate money. It will, however, necessitate gaining a sizable audience, or at the very least a niche enough following for a given product or service.

To begin, amass a large number of followers on your livestream channel depending on any topic you select. Then you can approach businesses and corporations in that genre to see if they’d be interested in sponsoring you.

This could involve wearing some of their merch or endorsing one of their goods during a webcast or instructional. The video game broadcaster Ninja, who was paid up to $1 million to play the game Apex Legends, is perhaps the most prominent example of this.

7. Start a business as an affiliate marketer.

This plan will combine a number of the previous ones, but with a minor twist. Once you’ve amassed a sufficient number of followers, you’ll be able to draw the attention of other businesses.

Affiliate marketing for these other companies is a terrific way for people to make money online today. Affiliate marketing is a key channel for organizations, as anyone who has worked in marketing knows.

You may notice affiliate marketing on a regular basis but be unaware that it is being used. Livestreamers will discuss how much they adore a specific product or service that a corporation offers.

Then they’ll announce that if their followers or viewers use their specific Promo Code, they’ll get a certain discount. The streamer is compensated when viewers use the livestreamer’s unique Promo Code to make a purchase from that firm. Almost half of all affiliate marketers worldwide earn $20,000 each year, which is a substantial sum of money.

8. Discuss current events

Treating Bigo like a podcast is another wonderful method to learn how to make money on it. You can even pretend to be recording a podcast by wearing headphones and using a microphone.

Even better, you could do that while recording a podcast and try to monetize it by selling sponsorships on another website. Taking themes from the current news and then commenting on them on Bigo can help you earn a lot of followers. People are often interested in hearing other people’s perspectives on current events, so this is a wonderful method to gain followers.

Then, as previously indicated, once you establish a following, you can obtain Bigo recommendations that you can turn into income. Other businesses can buy advertising on your Bigo livestream if they want to reach the people who are watching it.

If each episode receives 10,000 downloads, the greatest podcasters can earn around $900 per episode. This isn’t a direct link to Bigo podcasting, but it does demonstrate its potential.


Once you understand how to make money on Bigo, you’ll discover that you can have a lot of fun livestreaming on the platform while still earning money. Bigo offers a variety of methods to earn money, so follow your passion and start livestreaming immediately.

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