How to Make Money by Typing Jobs Online (Complete Guide)

Knowing how to generate money typing from home might assist you in increasing your profits. Finding a typing job that suits you, regardless of your talents and qualifications, can considerably boost your career chances and work-life balance.

Working in a typing-intensive position can be a rewarding career decision, but it takes research and practice. We’ll go over some of the fields where you can make money by typing in this article.

What is a typing job?

An online typing job is one in which the employee or collaborator’s primary role is inputting various sorts of data via a computer’s keyboard, a smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected device’s virtual keyboard, or speech to text convert software on any internet-connected device.

Online typing jobs are a relatively recent phenomena that has emerged and grown as a result of the internet’s rapid expansion and widespread availability of internet-ready gadgets.

7 Ways To Make Money By Typing

Here are seven industries where online collaborators frequently have employment openings and typing is required.

1. Data entry

Working in data entry is the most fundamental way to earn money through typing, which also means it is the least well-paid.

The lack of expertise or educational prerequisites, on the other hand, makes it a good spot to start making money online by typing. Basic computer and typing abilities are the only prerequisites.


The work entails importing data from an external file into the company’s database or a spreadsheet. In some cases, you must additionally check the data, and advanced data entry tasks require you to conduct research.

The most important need is that you have a personal computer or laptop with a keyboard and a high-speed internet connection. It may also necessitate a rudimentary understanding of common office software products.

Because data input is often a relatively repetitive subject, finding the correct motivation might become increasingly challenging over time. However, it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for alternative online typing employment.

2, Transcription

A transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audio recordings and type the conversations that they hear. Transcriptionists must be able to recognize numerous voices on a tape, interpret their words despite background noise, and transcribe words spoken in a variety of dialects.

Transcriptionists are typically excellent typists, as swift typing saves a lot of time in this field. Some typewriter occupations, such as those in the medical or legal professions, need certification, so they must be exceedingly exact and error-free in their work.

A transcriptionist requires a pair of headphones in addition to an internet-connected device with a keyboard. Most transcriptionist positions pay per hour of audio recorded, so increasing your typing speed can help you earn more money.

3. Medical and legal transcription

Those working in highly technical and specialized fields, unlike common transcription jobs, frequently require certification to establish their proficiency in those subjects.

Professionals who transcribe a physician’s or lawyer’s dictation must be well-versed in the phrases employed, because even tiny mistakes can have serious ramifications in these disciplines.


4. Virtual assistance

Working as a virtual assistant usually entails completing a variety of activities for a single client, based on their specific requirements.

Data input, research, building spreadsheets from previously acquired data, making schedules, managing social media profiles, translating various documents, conducting customer support activities, answering emails, and other tasks are among the most frequently performed.

Virtual aid necessitates ongoing learning and adaptation, but the large range of possible jobs makes it ideal for those who lose interest when executing a single repetitious work.

5. Micro task jobs

Micro tasks are a variety of jobs that are often simple to accomplish and do not take a long time to complete, but cannot be automated.

Some of these tasks may include trancribing small audio files, updating a price list, identifying numerous things in a video clip or photograph, composing a brief paragraph, and others.
Microtask employment websites are the greatest place to look for microtasks.

The additional equipment and software required, aside from a device with high-speed internet and a keyboard, is usually dependent on the micro work that you are trying to complete.
For instance, updating a pricing list usually necessitates the use of software that allows you to edit spreadsheet files.

6. Captioning

Captioning and transcribing are similar in that they both involve listening to an audio clip and typing what you hear.

Captioning, on the other hand, does not merely entail creating transcription documents; it also entails creating video content captions for those with hearing impairments or those who want to view movies with the sound turned down or off.

In addition, unlike transcribing, captioning entails adding more information to the document, such as background noises or inaudible conversations.

The majority of captioning jobs require working with a pre-recorded video file from a variety of sources, including TV broadcasts, movies, lectures, and shows, among others.
Real-time captioners cover live events such as news broadcasts and sporting events.

The latter can be much more difficult because you must offer accurate captions in a matter of seconds after the words are said, with no opportunity to rewind and listen again.

7. Captcha typing

Captchas are letters that must be typed correctly before you can create an account on a website or fill out an online form.

Captcha typing entails inputting words from a variety of images that cannot be detected automatically. For every 1,000 solved captchas, captcha typists are usually paid a set fee.

Although it is a low-paying typing job, it needs minimal talent and is not conducted under duress. It’s also a good idea to look into what the paying company is doing with the solved captchas, as they could be engaging in unlawful activity.

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