Do you love playing video games? You can earn with them now!


Making money through video games has become a realistic source of income for many in recent years. The video game business has witnessed a significant surge in gamers with so many various platforms to pick from and wonderful titles coming out.

Playing video games may be a fun way to unwind while also providing an opportunity to earn some extra cash. In this article, we’ll go over ways to make money playing games, as well as some sites where you may get started.

Do you love playing video games? Do you enjoy making money?

Have you explored all of the ways you might make money from your gaming habit? It’s one of the newest methods to generate money online, and it can be a lot of fun, unlike other side hustles and side jobs.

Get paid to play video games. Play video games, then share them on social media to get money. Isn’t it incredible?

You can make extra money playing video games, despite what your 8th grade English teacher may have told you. Many people transform their passion for games like Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon, and mobile apps into part-time or even full-time revenue simply by being able to play them.

Why not take your game to the next level, monetize your enjoyment, and contribute to your bank account?

Here are a few ways to earn money while playing games.


How to Make Money Playing Video Games?

In recent years, there have been considerably more chances than you might think for monetizing your video game interest.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 15 methods to earn money while playing your favorite video games!

1. Get Paid to Live Stream

Anyone can broadcast their games in real time to the rest of the globe. Aim for a large audience (which you can monetize with adverts) or a dedicated following (to monetize with donations and subscriptions). Twitch is the most popular streaming platform, but YouTube is also an alternative.

Building a live broadcast audience takes a long time. You might not attract more than 10 concurrent viewers for several months, and you might not get more than 100 viewers for years.
Most streamers never make it to that point, and to make a living broadcasting video games, you’ll need tens of thousands of regular viewers.

The streaming market is overcrowded. Why should someone pay attention to you when there are so many other interesting streams to watch? That is the difficult part.
Make a name for yourself by having your unique sense of humor or personality, being a world-class player, or playing games that no one else is playing.

2. Try Your Hand at Games Journalism

Do you aspire to be a writer? Start creating news, reviews, and interviews about a specific game, genre, or industry by joining an existing site or starting your own.

As a freelancer, you can get paid each piece if you write for an established website. You can monetize your traffic with adverts, Patreon subscriptions, or other methods if you’re launching your own website.

Look for job openings at medium-sized gaming establishments. For the time being, avoid huge gaming sites like IGN, as well as startups with no viewership. Check to see whether you have any writing samples on hand.

Send in your application (along with writing samples) and cross your fingers. If you don’t have any previous experience, start by volunteering to write for smaller websites.

We don’t recommend starting your own games journalism blog until you’ve worked for a reputable publication for several years. It’s difficult enough to write every day. On top of that, you’ve got to manage a website.That’s a whole new level of effort, and it’s easy to burn out on it.

3. Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials

Many newbies to certain games, particularly multiplayer player-versus-player (PvP) games, like reading manuals. As a result, there is a market for making money by offering relevant information that these people desire.

Game guides can be created in a variety of ways, including developing a website for written guides, uploading video guides to YouTube, or publishing them as ebooks. The first two are frequently monetized by advertisements and/or donations, whereas the ebook approach is based on sales.

Find a popular game, figure out what issues people are having, study the ins and outs of the issue, and then educate others how to solve it.

Aim for gold guides, leveling guides, and raid guides in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Look for build and mechanics guides for PvP games like Overwatch or Valorant. And for single-player games, targeted guides on themes like winning a certain Achievement/Trophy will generally be the most successful.

4. Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

Have a lot of things to say?

Create a gaming-related daily, weekly, or monthly show. It may be an opinion-based roundtable debate, a series of interviews with high-profile players, game-specific tips and tactics, or anything else.

Before you start earning money, you’ll need to create a sizable audience. People must be interested in your show in order for them to watch it. The show will fail if it is uninteresting, shallow, has poor production quality, or is inconsistent.

You’ll need a guide creator’s knowledge and insight, as well as a streamer’s dedication and personality.

On the bright side, podcast content does not need to be as comprehensive as a guide, and your personality does not need to be as distinct as a streamer’s. You may, for example, dedicate a channel to gaming news from a specific genre.

10 Tips to Improve Your Gameplay


1. Look for opportunities on the internet.

Playing games online may be used to make money in a variety of ways. You can join an online gaming group and get rewards for playing regularly or competing in tournaments. You can also explore for companies that will pay you to test new games or provide comments on old ones on the internet.

2. Promote your abilities.

You can sell your abilities to those who want to better their own gaming if you’re strong at playing particular games. You can offer coaching services or even make video tutorials to teach others how to improve their game.

3. Participate in the development of the product.

You can get paid to design and build new games if you’re interested in game creation and development. Working as a game tester, game programmer, or game artist are just a few options for getting into this area.

4. Publish your gameplay on the internet.

You can make money streaming your gaming on platforms like Twitch or YouTube if you’re talented at playing games and have a large social media following. Companies interested in advertising their products through your channel can also join up for sponsorships.

5. Make a profit by selling gaming-related items.

You can offer gaming-related products to your fans and followers if you have a popular gaming channel or website. T-shirts, posters, mousepads, and other goods with your logo or brand on them are examples.

6. Make a game-related article.

You can make money writing about games for publications, websites, or blogs if you’re a good writer. You can even sell your own gaming books or eBooks online if you self-publish them.

7. Make your own game mods.

If you’re familiar with game design and development, you can modify (or “mod”) current games to add new features or change the gameplay. Many game creators enable modders to sell their work online, so this might be an excellent method to supplement your income.

8. Enter tournaments on the internet.

Online competitions for gamers are common, with rewards including cash, gaming hardware, and even trips to events such as conventions or tournaments.

9. Items from the game can be sold.

You can often sell virtual products or currencies for real money if you play games with in-game economies. This might include selling uncommon stuff in games like Team Fortress 2 or selling items in World of Warcraft or Diablo III.

10. Make videos for Let’s Play.

Let’s Play videos are a popular YouTube format in which gamers videotape themselves playing a game while providing commentary. You can make money from advertising income produced by your films if you’re good at it and have a large following.